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WP Adminify Lifetime Deal
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A WordPress dashboard is a great way to keep track of your projects and overall progress. Whether you’re working on your own Dashboard or setting one up for your client, creating a dashboard can be a helpful way to organize and monitor your work. Your WordPress dashboard would be completely customizable and unconfusing in an ideal world. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the reality.

If you’re like most WordPress users, you have a lot of menus, pages, and content that you customize to suit your blog’s unique style. But what if you could customize the WordPress dashboard so that all of your content was organized in one place, with easy access to your menus and pages? You can easily create a dashboard exactly how you want it with a tool.

WP Adminify Lifetime Deal

What is WP Adminify?

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) used to create websites and blogs. However, many users may not have the time or expertise to customize their WordPress dashboard to suit their needs. If you’re looking to customize your WordPress dashboard and login page, you’ll want to check out the WP dashboard customization tool WP Adminify. 

This plugin lets you change the look and feel of your dashboard and login page and add custom menus and widgets. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use – so you can get up and running in no time. WP Adminify offers a range of tools to make customizing your WordPress dashboard easier, including the ability to manage your logs. This is a great way to keep track of what’s going on on your site.  

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WP Adminify is an Alternative to

WP Adminify is a powerful alternative to UiPress, and Ultimate Dashboard Customize your WordPress dashboard. With WP Adminify, you can create custom panels to manage your website’s content, settings, etc. Plus, it has a wide range of features not found in other dashboard builders. Whether you’re looking for a simple solution or something more complex, WP Adminify is worth checking out.


WP Adminify is Best for

WP Adminify is a powerful WordPress white-label plugin that makes it easy for web developers, web designers, and agencies to create their own custom WordPress themes and plugins. With WP Adminify, you can easily add custom branding and customize the look and feel of your own WordPress site without learning coding or design skills. Users can install WP Adminify on any WordPress site, and it will automatically create a custom admin area where they can customize the look and feel of their site.


Features of WP Adminify

WP Adminify is a WordPress dashboard customization plugin that lets you customize your Dashboard with tools like the log. This plugin gives users more control over their WordPress dashboard and makes finding the information they need easier. WP Adminify is available as a premium plugin, and it has a wide range of features that lets users customize their WordPress Dashboards in many different ways. 


White Label WordPress

WordPress White Label feature by WP Adminify lets you change the default WordPress branding using your logo and message. You can also add your personalized logo, login, Dashboard with customized widgets, and many other options. You’ll see a sleek dashboard user interface when installing and activating the WP Adminify plugin. 

There will be a WP Adminify logo at the top of the admin bar and a WordPress copyright-related text in the Footer. Let me demonstrate how to modify your default “WP Adminify” logo and alter the WordPress Copyright Text. Installing WP Adminify is to remove the default WordPress branding. You can put your logo on the Dashboard, Login Page, Admin Footer, etc.

  • Custom Login Page
  • Create a Custom Logo for the Dashboard
  • Customize the Menu Items
  • Add/Remove Dashboard Widgets
  • Create Custom Menus by admin pages
  • Remove/Change Dashboard Footer Copyright Text


Disable Admin Notices

Sometimes, WordPress Dashboards are a mess because of Theme & Plugin notices. To ensure a smoother UI experience, you need to block all unwelcome notifications from the admin. You can turn off all notifications globally by altering the settings for the plugin. This method will remove all notices from admin for you. 

Additionally, there is a choice of the type of notice you’d prefer to keep and then take off from the dashboard.

  • Hide All Notices from Admin
  • Takedown the Welcome Panel
  • Eliminate “PHP Update Required” Notice
  • Theme Update Notice: Hide the WP Core, plugin, and Theme Update Notification
  • Takedown from the “Try Gutenberg” Panel

Adminify lifetime deal disable notification


WordPress Dark Mode

There’s a light and dark mode switcher located in the upper bar. It allows you to switch to light or dark mode in seconds. If you wish to alter the mode by hand, the switcher can help. Set the Dashboard Dark Mode for a certain time or via the operating System. Change your logos and branding for dark and light modes, and switch the Dashboard to dark by adjusting the switcher.

  • The Light/Dark Mode Switcher is on the Admin Bar
  • Schedule Dark mode
  • Automatically Switch between Dark and Light on the System Preference
  • Change Logo to Light & Dark mode
  • More than 70 Third-Party plugins are Supported

Adminify lifetime deal disable notification dark mode


Login Customizer

Get started by using these WordPress Login Page templates. They can be completely customized and will enhance the look that is your standard WordPress Login Page. You can create your own Login Page branding with our Login customizer. You will find 16plus pre-build Templates in the Login Customizer. 

You’ll have a variety of controls when you log in.

  • 16+ Pre-built templates.
  • Hide or Show Login Page Logo
  • Change the logo’s width and height on the Login page
  • Login form position anywhere Vertically/Horizontally
  • Supports BG Slider, Color, Skew, Video, Gradient, etc.
  • Google Fonts Integration

Adminify lifetime deal disable notification


Admin Pages

Create a customized WordPress Dashboard Admin Page and give it to any top Level and sub Level Menu. You can make your own Admin Page using any page creator. It’s simple to create an administrator page in your Dashboard. Perhaps you have the portfolio type. However, many users have difficulties with using this type of portfolio post. 

It is easy to create document pages and describe how to utilize this portfolio using the Admin page module from WP Adminify.

  • Unlimited Customized Administration Pages
  • Supports All Page Builder – Gutenberg, Elementor, Oxygen, etc
  • Restrict Custom Admin Pages to specific users with certain roles
  • Set as Top-Level, or Sub Level Menu
  • Custom CSS and JS for the Admin Pages

Adminify lifetime deal Admin page


Admin Columns Editor

Manage columns within pages, posts, and post types and taxonomies from the WordPress dashboard. Admin Columns from WP Adminify provides a way to manage the columns that appear in the column of your Dashboard. Removal of unnecessary admin columns from any post will improve the appearance of your user interface. 

Remove or add columns on any page, post or category, product, etc.

  • Supports all Post Types
  • Taxonomy Support
  • WooCommerce Support
  • You can customize the Column’s Name and Width, and the Type
  • Add/Edit/Remove/Clone Admin Columns

Adminify lifetime deal editor



The folder module lets users organize all their Pages and Posts, Media files, and post types into folders. You can drag and drop items into any folder that you want. The WordPress default WordPress library system for media was not enough to satisfy our needs for a particular project. 

The WP Adminify folder module can aid you in categorizing your media files so that you can easily access the media you want.

  • Sort your media files into Folders
  • Post/Page or other Post Type Supports for organizing content as well
  • Folder Variation based on Color Tags
  • Create Unlimited Folders Unlimited Folders
  • You can sort, delete or Rename and Create Sub Folder
  • Live Search Folder/Sub Folders based on names


Menu Editor

Modify your current Dashboard Menu item name, URL, and icon quickly. You can alter Menu’s order, change submenu items, show/hide various menu items, change permissions, etc. Change the name of your primary WordPress menu items to be similar to what you prefer. For instance, you can change the name of your “Portfolio” post-type menu to “Projects.” 

Not just rename, but you can also alter the default URL of the dashboard menu item.

  • Modify Menu Title and URL and Custom Icon
  • Drag & Drop Organise menu items
  • Menu Permissions for Users’ Roles
  • 5000+ Rich Icons Are Available
  • Submenu Customization


Menu Duplicator

Duplicate Menu allows you to duplicate a menu that is not any additional trouble. It will create a duplicate of your entire Menu. Additionally, you can modify the name of your menu item and URL and menu name. If you enjoy displaying various menu options on a particular page, it could make it easier to save time. 

Create a standard menu by using Custom Link. To allow you to change the URL and text easily. Don’t forget to create a brand new menu at the beginning. Make a standard menu and later duplicate it to create multiple variations on your Menu. 

You can copy menu items as well.

  • Copy the Menu from the Original
  • Duplicate Menu Items
  • Edit Custom Menu Title and URL
  • Multisite Support
  • Support for WPML


Disable Comments

Stop spammers at the press of a button. Ensure that comments are of high quality on your site by enabling or deactivating comments for specific types of posts or your entire website.


Server information

It is essential to verify the debug log information when working with your site. It contains the debug file and .htaccess, php.ini, site, and WP config file details.


Customization of the Admin Bar

An Admin Bar that is professional is essential for a stunning Dashboard atmosphere. WP Adminify makes it possible to easily show or hide certain elements and customize the background.


Header and Footer Scripts

This plugin from WP Adminify helps you customize your WordPress website by using CSS designs and JavaScript code.  One of the primary advantages is that it lets you modify the default styles offered by the theme. Input CSS and Javascript into your entire site or particular page, post, or post, page or post type effortlessly. 

Create unlimited snippets, target desktops or mobile devices, and define the location, and other features.

  • A natural interface
  • Insert Header Code or Footer Code
  • Include the tracking JS code similar to Google Analytics
  • Insert on specific pages, Post or any Customs Post Types, etc.
  • Pages for taxonomy or archive pages


WP Adminify For Lifetime on Appsumo

WP Adminify is a helpful tool for WordPress admins.  It allows you to manage your website’s settings, posts, comments, etc. WP Adminify also offers a Lifetime Deal on Appsumo. This deal saves you 95% of the price of the full version of WP Adminify.

This amazing plugin lets you customize your WordPress dashboard with tools like the login page customizer, which can make logging in a breeze. WP Adminify lets you add widgets to your sidebar, manage posts and pages more efficiently, etc.

lifetime deal


Benefits Of  Appsumo WP Adminify Deal

  • Lifetime access to Ignition
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Dark and light mode
  • Login customizer
  • Dismiss admin notices
  • Menu editor
  • Folders
  • Admin pages
  • Admin columns
  • Header and footer scripts
  • Google pagespeed insights
  • Post types order
  • Activity logs
  • Dashboard and welcome widget
  • Disable comments
  • Menu and post duplicator
  • Pre-built UI templates
  • Vertical and horizontal menu

Lifetime Deal and extra discount

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WP Adminify Final Word

Adminify is a powerful toolkit designed to help you customize your WordPress dashboard and login page. With Adminify, you can create custom menus, widgets, and other features to make your website look and feel unique. You can also customize the appearance of your login page, including the background color and font size. Whether you’re new to WordPress or want to make your site more user-friendly, Adminify is a great choice for customization tools. Get lifetime access to WP Adminify on Appsumo

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