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It is a very easy tool to use and allows you to write tests in English without having any coding experience. Its BDD-style editor lets you create tests without writing implementation code. The UIlicious tool is very easy to schedule and monitor, making it perfect for testers.

The tool allows users to test any web application and track user journeys across multiple browsers. It supports different screen resolutions, ARIA accessibility attributes, and geolocations, and it allows you to schedule automated tests. It also has a very intuitive test language that even non-programmers can use. The user experience is always top-notch. The UIlicious team will be happy to hear that this tool is easy to learn and use.

What is UIlicious?

The present state of the internet is outdated and limited. Web-based capabilities are stuck in the arduous past. The UIlicious team focuses on fixing the problems in as little time as possible. Moreover, they get comprehensive reports that include screenshots and test data. Furthermore, the UIlicious test engine includes timestamps. In addition, users can write tests with a drag-and-drop interface.

Get Lifetime Access to UIlicious

The reviews are sorted chronologically, and you can filter by language, location, and star rating. There are also filters for your convenience. The reviews are organized by date and language. You can even filter by keyword or search terms. It is essential to read the product’s reviews to determine if it’s worth the investment. It can be they are not as helpful as you like to be. You may want to consider UIlicious’s refund policy for a better experience.

Features of UIlicious

Repetition of testing your site may feel like inserting the same phrase into Wordle and expecting the correct answer. Your site should function across different browsers and screen resolutions, but composing the test script that will do the heavy lifting for you is far beyond your (limited) knowledge of coding. It would be nice to have an intuitive and flexible tool to automate user experiences across different browsers. 

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Set up Automation And Verify User Journeys

With UIlicious, You can program automated tests and test particular user flows to ensure that your application is working well. Test HTML0 on the most popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge–and take into account various screen sizes, such as desktops or mobiles. Most importantly, you can conduct tests in 11 different regions around the globe, including Germany, Japan, the United States, Japan, and Germany.

UIlicious Lifetime Deal

Visite: Appsumo Uilicious Deal Official Website

User Journey Tests

The test language of the platform has been designed to make it easy and user-friendly for people who aren’t coders; Therefore, you don’t have to look at HTML code or learn obscure terminology. Simply create tests as a user story with the powerful test engine of UIlicious will discover what you’re trying to achieve. In addition, since it will create tests that are clear and simple to keep, you can then concentrate more on what you love most: running your business.

Detailed test reports

The software also assists your team in solving bugs more quickly with a complete report of tests. It is also possible to provide a unique URL for unsuccessful tests that include all developers’ information. Every report includes test data images, test data, and timestamps that detail the testing process.

They are all included and presented in a clean Annotation-based Player. Do you wish to download the test data to protect it? It is easy to access them with a few clicks—export documents in pdf, JSON CSV, and a zip file with PNG images.

History of Test Results

The ability to spot defects is vital to avoiding consumer problems. It is also crucial to ensure that consumers are not affected by issues. Ullicious aids you in connecting your tests in your deployment process so that errors are spotted immediately.

You can set up alerts that send notifications about any errors via Slack or email Microsoft Teams or chat programs using webhooks. The monitoring dashboard allows you to determine the condition of each test and identify possible issues.

Additionally, as the platform is easy-to-use and easy to use, everyone on your team can improve the user experience on your website and the customers’ journeys.

UIlicious Lifetime Deal

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Best for

This software is best for Software testers. If you are a freelancer or agency and your work is software testing, It is the best choice. It will save a lot of time and work for you. It is also best for trained programmers. You will be working on your program and determining what you can change and what is working well.


 Cypress: In addition to automating the development process, Cypress also provides several features for debugging. Its test runner panel displays a full view of all HTTP network calls. You can hover over these commands and view a stack trace for any errors you encounter. Using this tool is easy, and you can also access the developer tools, which are a great asset when writing test scripts. 

Benefits Of Lifetime Access on UIlicious 

  • Lifetime access to UIlicious
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Features Included in All Plans
  • Data-driven testing with variables
  • Test on different screen resolutions
  • Geolocation testing in various locations
  • Schedule automated tests
  • Get instant notifications
  • See test run history
  • Send webhooks
  • Screenshot at every step of the test
  • Share your reports in two clicks.
  • Export in PDF, JSON, CSV, or image formats
  • Auto-redact sensitive information

Final word

The manual process of running several tests can be enjoyable when you’re trying to discover the most delicious Skittles flavor; however, analyzing your website’s setup isn’t a very enjoyable task. Ullicious allows you to conduct tests without hassle, keep an eye on and share concerns with your team even without a tech expert.

Automate your test for your web application in just a few minutes.

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