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TidyCal Appsumo Deal is a great option for a simple booking solution. It’s not required to become an expert at scheduling. TidyCal allows you to schedule appointments and other events without the need to use telephone calls or emails. It is perfect for sales teams, marketing agencies, and project managers.

With TidyCal, you can schedule free and paid meetings. It can even connect to other calendars. So you can arrange all of your meetings from one location. Once you’ve set up your calendar, you can schedule your meetings from anywhere in the world.


What is TidyCal?

If you create a brand new calendar using TidyCal it is easy to join in with an existing calendar. You can see all your calendars in one location without the need to scroll through different levels of settings. You can use TidyCal as a reminder application as well. It supports Google and Microsoft Exchange, so you can easily sync your calendar with other devices.

You can also book specific times on other people’s calendars. This way, you can schedule a meeting in another time zone, without having to wait until they get back. The feature can be especially beneficial for busy professionals. With TidyCal, you can manage up to ten calendars from a single account. The app will automatically detect the time zones of the recipients, which makes scheduling much easier.

It makes it easy to manage various booking pages, from free to paid, and automates your scheduling. This feature helps you schedule meetings and events, and you can also set up recurring events for a client or prospect. Utilizing TidyCal can make it easier to save time.


Features of TidyCal

Booking a meeting is easy and simple. There is no need to send emails to different people trying to set up meetings. When you’ve got the booking form set up, the only thing you have to do is schedule your visit time. People can arrange meetings with you at no cost or pay a fixed amount on the booking page.



One of the biggest benefits of TidyCal is Autopilot. There is no need to be concerned about any issues using autopilot when using this particular program since it is able to function as your scheduler.


Instant Creation

With TidyCal, you don’t have to send emails to each other to schedule meetings. Booking pages are right in your inbox, and all you need to do is choose the time for your meeting. It’s a breeze creating booking sites in Tidycal that allow other users to arrange meetings with you, either by paying a booking fee or by paying for a meeting.


No Schedule Mixing

Since increasing numbers of companies and teams are spread across the globe, trying to keep pace with time zones could cause missed events. Don’t worry, TidyCal will be able to alter the time zones for you with the individual you’d like to have a conversation with.

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TidyCal incorporates your schedules and calendars into one location on its own. It will organize everything in one spot, and you won’t have to search all over for your schedule.

There are a variety of integration options available, including a Google account and office accounts an Apple account for Calendar purposes, Zoom for Video Conferencing use, Paypal & Stripe for taking payments, and Zapier to connect various services.

TidyCal Lifetime Deal | The Simple Booking Solution


Time Gaps

If you’re having a hectic day and multiple meetings, getting overwhelmed is easy. The practice of arranging meetings back-to-back without taking the opportunity to take a bathroom break may be regular. TidyCal examines the necessity of some time for rest. It provides specific rest periods between meetings.

TidyCal Lifetime Deal | The Simple Booking Solution


Cancellations and Rescheduling

It is easy to reschedule or cancel a scheduled meeting via the application. The app also sends out an email confirmation to attendees of the meeting.



The software has numerous features; however, one of the best is the customizable options. This feature lets you modify your booking area to reflect your brand’s image.

Get Lifetime Access to TidyCal on Appsumo



TidyCal lets you add an online booking widget to your home screen and integrate it into your website. It is also possible to incorporate buttons on your website as elements or hyperlinks.

TidyCal Lifetime Deal | The Simple Booking Solution

Confirmation Emails

If a person or a client arranges a meeting with you, you’ll be notified by email. To reduce the number of cancellations, email reminders for bookings are sent out to participants at any time, 24 hours and an hour prior to the meeting.



Workers and businesses are increasingly moving to global locations and remote. If you’re one of the people who are doing this, you can benefit from the automatic translation feature in the application. Your booking emails as well as your booking pages can be converted to the language of your target audience.

It is possible to translate into more than 12 languages. You can also change your clock to conform to the International time standard. In the same way, you can switch the time between 12 and 24 hours.


View Attendees

It’s a bit of a hassle when you press a few times to access the information you need in an online program. The constant scrolling could result in a poor user experience. TidyCal is aware of this. If someone makes an appointment, you will get a notification. A person can see the person’s name on the calendar’s title.

It is not necessary to wait to view the details about the attendees by clicking the date.


Ease of Use

Based on numerous evaluations, TidyCal is extremely user-friendly and simple to use. The user-friendly interface lets users quickly integrate all their calendars into one place and integrate them.

Get Lifetime Access to TidyCal on Appsumo


Pros and Cons


A beautiful and elegant interface that is simple to navigate. It means that bookings are quick and simple to complete. Connect your calendars to one location to avoid booking twice.

To be precise, it is possible to connect many calendars using TidyCal — 10. If you’re an independent worker wearing many hats and have to separate your work into multiple calendars, this could be an excellent alternative for you.

Integrate all your Google Calendars effortlessly. Purchase a Lifetime plan for just $29. This highly organized productivity software is inexpensive. So say goodbye to costly managing your calendar elsewhere.

Instead of switching around and back between calendar applications, You can now mix personal and professional calendars into one location. The developers are open about the development of the application. 


The app is constantly updating, and there might be some minor glitches. However, the developers seem to take complaints seriously and implement any fixes or upgrades needed.

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TidyCal Alternative

Although TidyCal appears to be a fantastic tool that effortlessly integrates with other essential tools, it doesn’t mean that it is superior to its competitors.

  • Doodle Bot for Slack
  • Rendez
  • NeatCal
  • Tagged
  • Undock
  • Calendar.AI


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