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Text To Speech Software Blakify Deal $67 is a great option for those, who want to make voice with AI at a cheap cost. Its voice is natural as the human voice.  You can use it for multiple purposes. Read full to know how it can help you.

What is AI Text-to-Speech

Text-to-speech technology enables computers to produce human speech by interpreting input from a keyboard. It’s the artificial production and use of speech.  It is a software or hardware solution that consists of a speech recognition system and a synthesis computer. The program can read a text and produce a speech in response to it. 

Deep neural networks drive advancements in TTS technology. The algorithms work on the text to recreate the human voice, thereby making the content more accessible. The new system uses a computer’s internal coding to make the text sound natural. 

Where to use AI Text-to-Speech

AI Text To Speech uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver audio files from text. For conferences, webinars, meetings, teleconferences, presentations, YouTube video voice-over, and more, you can use it.  It can handle different accents and any language. ML algorithms are highly accurate, which means that the output of your audio files will always be accurate.

With the help of a good text-to-speech engine, you can enjoy the convenience of delivering text-to-speech services without having to worry about interpreting complicated sentences. In addition to offering high-quality AI VoiceOvers, With this, you can easily create your custom-made audio. 

What is Blakify

Text-to-Speech, new technology in the sector, is increasingly integrated into websites. Many webmasters and professionals have added Text-to-Speech to blogs because they find it very useful for their readers. Let’s start by understanding what Text-to-Speech is.

Text-to-Speech, also known as TTS, is an assistive technology that can read aloud electronic texts. This technology can also be called read-aloud technology. This innovation’s greatest attraction is its simplicity of use. You can convert any message on a website into sound with a simple touch of your finger.

It works on all devices, including mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers. It can be a great tool for those who have difficulty focusing, finding information, or checking out online. One of the greatest advantages of Text-to-Speech technology is its ability to increase your blog’s availability. Your “message blog can be turned into an audio blog.

This will allow your visitors to listen to or read your content. Your website will be more popular if you offer a different way for visitors to access information already on the site.

This method is incredibly accessible to people with vision impairments and difficulties with proficiency. Text-to-Speech allows them to instantly convert any blog into speech and start eavesdropping on what you have posted on their site.

Blakely, a Text-To-Speech software, converts any text into audio. Social Media, Voice Overs, Podcasts, and YouTube.  It is a better alternative to paying voice actors for the narration of text, video presentations, and even audiobooks. It can be completed in seconds!

Features of Blakify

Blakify allows you to convert blog posts into audio so that your visitors can listen anywhere. Are your telemarketing scripts constantly changing? It will instantly create a new audio file that you can upload to any IVR software. 

500+ Voices

Give your brand a personality the next time you need someone to speak about it. This AI Voice Generator will give you the best synthetic voices from Google and Amazon.

The online website allows you to create text-to-speech sound effects quickly. You can download WAV and mp3 files from the website. These formats will play on all devices!

60+ languages

You can create natural-sounding speech in over 60 languages and accents. Its  TTS service allows you to translate your message into over 60 languages. With our TTS service, you can have your message delivered in over 60 languages.

Text To Speech Software Blakify Lifetime Deal

Content Creation

Text-to-speech software can be a helpful technology for people who are unable to read. You can use it in many ways, including reading important announcements aloud and listening while traveling abroad. All this while saving money!


TTS is an affordable option to book narration instead of professional narrators, which is expensive. It can make all of the difference with natural voices that sound more in tune with your goals as an author/reader.


You can create courses with a natural, relatable voice that is sure to be popular. It can record your content in Spanish, Japanese, or Hindi.


Its innovative tool allows you to change your script with a click. You can save time and money by not hiring voice actors again for every version.


Imagine a world in which you can present engaging and compelling presentations with narration. You can upload videos to YouTube and other social media channels.

Phone Calls on Auto-Pilot

It is quick and easy to create interactive voice responses. Upload the files to an IVR system. This will give you greater control over what messages are delivered.

Securely Stored

This service allows you to store and manage all your text-to-speech synthesized audio files. It’s also possible to save drafts and make changes in the future without losing them if you get into trouble.

Text To Speech Software Blakify Lifetime Deal

Audio Formats

You can easily create high-quality audio files. You can choose from different sample rates and export them as WAVs or MP3s. It’s easy to convert text to a suitable format for listening on the go. Download the file once and then embed it wherever there is space (e.g., in a document).

Text To Speech Software Blakify Lifetime Deal

Multiple Voices

The best way to combine voices and perspectives is to merge audio files. You can save text on draft to give you more control over what is said.

Text To Speech Software Blakify Lifetime Deal

Alternative to:

Play. ht, Updigital, and Voicely

Blakify: Why Should You Choose It?

  • Easy to use – Select a voice or language, and you’ll have an audio file in no time!
  • Feature Rich – Industry-leading text-to-speech software features delivered straight to your dashboard
    You will find the likes of Google TTS and Amazon Polly, as well as Microsoft Azure.
  • You can customize your message’s tone, pitch, and pace. All you can change with just a click

Blakify Review: Pricing

Blakify offers four pricing options. The price starts at $29.99 per month. The image below gives you an idea of their pricing plans.

Get Lifetime Access to Blakify for $67 offers a lifetime deal on Blakify. Appsumo provides a wide range of high-quality digital products and offers 97% discounts. 

This lifetime Appsumo will go fast on AppSumo within a week. Grab this fantastic deal while you can. Click Here to search for similar apps if your Blakify lifetime offer is expired.

lifetime deal


Buy Blakify for Lifetime From Appsumo With a 10% Discount

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Benefits Of Blakify Deal on Appsumo

  • Lifetime access
  • All plan updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited Characters
  • Unlimited Voices (Standard and A.I.)
  • Access To Free Future Upgrades (New Voices)
  • Unlimited Downloadable MP3 Files
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Multi voice
  • Background Music
  • Full Commercial Rights

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