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In this SuiteDash Review, you will get a clear overview of this Business Process Management (BPM) software. This system promises a wide range of features. You will be greeted with a welcome screen with a video on how to use the software and a list of its features. To make sure the system is the right fit for your organization, read through this review.

What is SuiteDash?

The project management features in SuiteDash are extensive. You can structure tasks and project templates in order of importance, so you can keep your priorities straight. You can also organize your files with an insulated structure. The Private Project Files feature lets you save files in a specific project location and hide the Files tab when you’re not working on a particular project.

The reports and analytics section of SuiteDash make it easy to track the progress of projects. Unlike other software, SuiteDash offers advanced customization options. You can change the login page, dashboard, and client portal.

You can use custom CSS and connect to a custom domain. They also have a support forum where you can post questions. Besides, SuiteDash is fully supported by the developer, so you won’t have to worry about technical issues.

Integrated CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) can be very effective when used effectively. Through CRM, businesses can improve customer service understanding and increase customer retention and satisfaction.

It allows you to connect all your channels that interact with customers into one system. With CRM, you can send custom marketing messages to your customers.

These campaigns are also known as segmentation. It helps you to understand your customers and their preferences better. Here are some ways that CRM can help your business. For the online business owner, SuiteDash is the right choice. CRM helps you control your work from beginning to completion.

It assists you in tracking the progress of your project and sharing files, and much more. The program allows users to modify intake forms and other features of CRM. You can even set up recurring payments for subscription models. You can take control of your business’s CRM. This CRM allows you to keep track of clients and update their contact profiles.

One-Stop Client Management

You can view and manage all contact information and resources from one location and keep private or shared notes on each Contact. You can also assign clients to specific salespeople to ensure that they remain secure and quickly establish and manage the internal work related to the Client.  Assign each Client a “Client Coordinator” as their go-to point of contact who can Upload/Manage/Download all Client Files from their Dashboard.

suitedash review and lifetime deal

Client Management + Automations

You can add Contacts manually, by import, or by embedding a registration form on your website, and it will Auto-Assign Contacts to a specific Coordinator. You can auto-add contacts to a built-in Marketing Drip Email Campaign that automatically schedules your calendar with prospect or client follow-ups.

Automatically It will Generate Projects using Project Generators & Task Templates  and Assign permissions to Files/Docs/Pages using Client Circles

Company First Mode

You can turn on the “Company First” mode option when you’re working primarily with Companies as clients. When Company First mode is enabled, it allows you to assign everything in the Portal, including Projects, Items, and other items, and assign them to the Company directly.

It would be best if you were assigned to the “Primary Contact,” that is, the person within the Company who is the one to receive all notifications and updates. If that person Leave from the Company, you will create a new Primary Contact

Automate with Client Circles

Circles allow you to assign assignments according to Circle affiliation. Clients can be part of only one Circle or even overlap several Circles. You can easily assign a Circle on the Add Contact Form or complete a Kickoff form. Drag and drop for adding or removing clients from the Circle. Make complete Portal Pages File Reports and assign them through Circle.

Embed Kickoff Forms on your website

You can personalize the Kickoff form by adding your questions and data fields that you have created and customize the appearance of the form using built-in settings and custom CSS to ensure it matches your site perfectly. 

Also, You can personalize the Kickoff form by adding the questions and data fields that you have created and customize the appearance of the form using built-in settings and custom CSS to ensure it matches your site perfectly.

It is easy to make Custom Fields on the fly when you customize the Kickoff Form. Then auto-assign permissions and trigger automation automatically after the Kickoff Form has been filled out.

Deal Stages Pipeline

Keep track of key metrics in the sales process by phases. Keep your sales team organized and focused while you monitor opportunities. There are four different styles to select to view the pipeline from different angles. Plan revenue and business growth, and gain information to help drive new initiatives. Drag and drop Deals cards into different stages within an interface modeled after Kanban.

Onboarding FLOWs

Automated triggers a FLOW for new clients to complete before accessing the Portal. Activate an onboarding FLOW following self-registration or an import in bulk to CRM.

Let your client sign documents electronically and fill out the form, download files, and more, all in an automated sequence. The FLOW can be layered with trigger actions to provide the best experience with automated onboarding.

Trigger / Actions Automation

Combine several actions in a row, automatically triggering and creating Projects using Project Generators & Templates. It can automatically add contacts to a built-in email marketing drip campaign. Assign actions to Onboarding FLOWs and Kickoff Forms to have your new clients set up in the background—Auto Assign permissions to documents, files, and other files by using Circles for Clients Circles.

Get control of CRM by utilizing the best onboarding tools and enhance your sales funnel by using the Deal Stage Pipeline’s built-in automation and the ability to report.

The proposal feature allows you to describe your client’s projects, set a price, and then send the proposal an electronic signature. Once the proposal is approved, the invoice and any other documents will be generated automatically. Invoices are generated automatically and safely store banks’ accounts on files to simplify all your bill-paying.

Clients can manage their memberships, subscriptions, and payments, save information about payments, and even take charge via ACH and Plaid. In addition to this, This engine lets you use it to build workflows that work automatically and will help you earn more within a shorter period.

suitedash review and lifetime deal

Event Generators & Calendar

Event Generators let you “pre-create” and automatically schedule follow-ups with a particular Contact, and events are shown on your calendar to help you stay on course. You can “Set and forget” Calendar events for a meeting, send an email follow-up, or call Contact and then integrate your SuiteDash calendar into your Google Calendar.

Client Data Import / Export

You can update all of the data fields in one place with the Data Import feature. Data Import feature Powerful method for updating data fields or making new fields all in one move.  Favorites let you save your latest data field to the top of your list for quick access. Export everything all at once with the Data Export feature.


SuiteDash ensures that all client interactions are easy by offering sharing options for files and dedicated folders for clients, and email marketing tools. Each client receives notifications whenever the shared folders or files are created, and it is possible to quickly arrange downloaded assets in sub-folders or save files in secure locations.
Additionally, the platform’s connections to Zoom, Twilio, SMS sending capabilities, as well as email templates help you keep track of customers. After that, add contacts to your marketing audience and automate emails to strengthen your brand and speed up client interaction.

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CRM Bulk Edit

It is a powerful and easy way to update multiple contacts at once. Choose a circle and update each Contact’s information within a circle in just one step. It is possible to update one data field or several fields at once. It is a simple and effective tool that will save you time.

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Benefits Of SuiteDash Appsumo Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime access to SuiteDash
  • All future Pinnacle
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Features Included in All Plans
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Core productivity platform
  • Branded environment
  • Folder structure profiles
  • Advanced custom menus
  • Email marketing toolkit
  • Booking and scheduling toolkit
  • Flows automation toolkit
  • Trigger and action automation
  • Task dependencies
  • Custom branded URL and login
  • LMS learning management

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