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Many people out there have great ideas but don’t know how to make them a reality. They may have the best idea in the world, but it can never become a reality without the right funding.  Even if you find some cash, you still need a detailed financial model that can make investors turn their heads and continue to fund your dreams.  A financial model can help you calculate how much money you need to put down and the potential return on your investment. Additionally, it can help you understand what risks are associated with your chosen investments.

What is Sturppy?

If you’re a startup founder, you might not be familiar with the intricacies of financial modeling. Sturppy makes the process easy and intuitive. Its intuitive interface helps you create and share financial models, enabling you to avoid running out of cash before your startup can reach profitability. 

The Sturppy team offers custom branding and color to your graphs and KPIs, which allow you to make your business model look as professional as possible. While Sturppy is designed for small businesses, it can also benefit startup investors. It makes it simple to add collaborators and get feedback from mentors and investors. It also features a single-click read-only link that lets you share your work with anyone without editing it. 

Whether you’re just getting started or planning to raise venture capital, Sturppy is the perfect tool for your team. It’s free to sign up and use for as long as you’d like, and you can try it for free before you commit to a subscription.

Sturppy has many advantages over similar products like Pry Financials. It simplifies the financial modeling process and enables startups to share their business forecasts with investors in less than 20 minutes. 

The platform also includes the option to build multiple business models, including employment plans, equity cap tables, and financial projections. The software also provides guidance and tutorials so that users can create an investor-ready model with confidence. It is important to remember that a financial model is not the end-all-and-be-all tool for a startup.

Sturppy is an Alternative to 

Sturppy is an alternative to pry financials and live plans. It is software that helps entrepreneurs track their expenses and revenues. It also provides graphs and analyses of the data so that entrepreneurs can make better decisions. Sturppy has several advantages over traditional financial tools. For example, it is mobile-friendly so entrepreneurs can use it on the go. Additionally, it is cheaper than pry financials and live plans, so small businesses may be a good choice.

Sturppy is Best for 

It is the perfect app for startups and small business founders looking to raise funds and plan their growth. Sturppy makes it easy to find investors, connect with other entrepreneurs, and track your progress. It also offers a variety of tools and resources to help you achieve your goals.

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Features of Sturppy

Sturppy is a new, lightweight laptop that has been designed to be as comfortable as possible to use. It features a unique hinge design that allows the screen to flip completely around so you can use it in either a traditional laptop or tablet mode. The keyboard is also detachable, so you can use it separately as a touchpad if needed.

Financial Model-building

Sturppy allows you to explain your financial situation regardless of whether it’s your first or 100th time you’ve created the financial model. You can make a financial plan for various types of businesses, such as SaaS agencies, mobile apps, manufacturing robotics, and other things!

Ask a few simple questions about your idea to start a business or your existing firm. The tool can guide you in a simple and simple procedure. The best part is that this Smart Model Builder offers you a personalized investor-ready model in just 20 minutes in response to your questions.

Appsumo Sturppy Lifetime Deal

Automatically Creates Statement

Sturppy allows you to create and create your balance sheet, cash flow statements, and income statements based on the information in your model of financials. Expand your business and team confidently by conceiving a hiring plan that can scale as your business gains more customers.

You can also calculate future or current funding rounds through the tool’s capitalization table and calculate your ownership or equity splits. Forecasting your company’s future isn’t a possibility, but you can make upside and down versions of your model with the touch of an icon.

Appsumo Sturppy Lifetime Deal

Custom Colors to Graphs And KPIs

Small businesses and startups tend to be built in teams. Even when you’re a sole founder likely to work with mentors or early hires to ensure your finances are in the right place. Instead of a static Excel sheet instead, the Excel sheet can invite your collaborators to create specific sections or even complete financial modeling in the form of an interactive display.

There’s no need to worry. Suppose you run multiple businesses or startups, neither. There is a way to manage several financial models from one account and view the complete view. Integrate your custom branding and corporate colors into the whole project, or you can do it in your charts or your KPIs.

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 Q&A Flashcards

Are you looking to create an effective pitch? Sturppy has conducted interviews with over 50 best venture capital firms to develop a Q&A Flashcard Game, which can aid in sharpening your pitch and improving your business model.

Share a read-only link to your entire model and your plan with investors interested in your model when you’re finished. You’ll get statistics on how many investors looked at your model and the time they viewed it. If you have to alter your business model, then the modifications will be automatically implemented in the version of the model you have shared.

If you need help, use the live chat in the app to reach out to experts in financial modeling who can help you.

Appsumo Sturppy Lifetime Deal

Pricing And Plan

They have two monthly plans available. One is Starter and another is Pro. You can select one of them or Sturppy From Appsumo.


  • 1 user
  • 1 project
  • Financial model builder
  • Hiring plan builder
  • Preview link for investors
  • Custom branding
  • Cap table management
  • Export to Excel & save PNGs


  • Up to 5 users
  • Up to 8 projects
  • Financial model builder
  • Hiring plan builder
  • Preview link for investors
  • Custom branding
  • Cap table management
  • Export to Excel & save PNGs

Sturppy for Lifetime Deal $49

Sturppy, a company that provides lifetime deals of $49 in Appsumo, is looking to provide its users with financial stability and business models. It offers users the opportunity to create business and financial statements on the website. It takes minutes to set up, and users can easily create a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and timeline. It is perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to get their business finances.

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Benefits Of Sturppy Appsumo Deal

  • Lifetime access to Sturppy
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Financial model builder
  • Preview link for investors
  • Export to Excel
  • Cap table management
  • Custom branding

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Appsumo Sturppy Review Final Word

Sturppy is a cloud-based financial model builder that helps startup entrepreneurs build and share financial models for their businesses. It quickly became popular with startups for its simple, easy-to-use interface and ability to create custom models for specific businesses.

In its final release, Sturppy offers a wide range of features for startup finance, including revenue projections, cash flow analysis, funding rounds, and more. With Sturppy’s help, startup founders can easily see where their business is headed and make the necessary strategic decisions to ensure success. Visite Appsumo Sturppy Deal.

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