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Sociamonials are a powerful tool for social media marketers. Not only does it allow you to publish to various social media channels, but it also offers advanced analytics tracking and custom landing pages.

Additionally, it integrates with the largest social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. As a free trial, you can test its features and see if it’s a fit for your brand.

To learn more about the benefits of Sociamonials, check out our full review below.

What is Sociamonials?

Socialmonials is a social media management tool that helps you generate revenue from social media. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

Additionally, it allows you to track various metrics including traffic, leads, and revenue. In addition, you can add custom campaigns to track different kinds of metrics.

If you’re unsure of which metrics to use, consider reading our Sociamonials review. For more information, read the rest of this article.

One of the benefits of Sociamonials is its ability to help you track influencers in real time.

Whether it’s a current customer or a potential customer, you’ll be able to monitor the social media campaigns from one dashboard. Plus, you’ll be able to approve user posts via mobile phones.

This feature is useful if you have a large number of users or want to analyze the effectiveness of a specific marketing strategy.


The most important benefit of Sociamonials is its ability to track influencers. As long as you can keep track of which influencers are posting on your page, you’ll have a better chance of increasing sign-ups, sales, and leads.

The platform can be customized to meet your specific needs, so you can create your own campaigns and track which ones are working the best for your brand.

And, unlike other similar social media management tools, you can also use Sociamonials for free and try it out before spending money on it.

Features of Sociamonials

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that you should not overlook. Social media can be a fantastic option to increase the amount of money you earn.

Sociamonials are available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Using this tool, you can monitor your business’s performance and measure your traffic, leads, and revenue.

Moreover, you can also create custom business metrics. You can create pixel codes for your social media accounts to track your traffic, leads, and revenue.

  1. Social Publishing
  2. User-Generated Content
  3. Social Media Campaigns
  4. Share Buttons
  5. Social Analytics

With Sociamonials, you’ll never have to worry about generating leads from your social media accounts again!

1. Social Publishing

You can use the social media site Sociamonials for businesses of all sizes to manage their online presence. Its user-friendly interface and flexible scheduling features make creating campaigns easy.

Users can also generate leads using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It is like a Swiss Army Knife for managing your social media accounts. You can create your account for free to start using Sociamonials.

Most likely, you’re using an expensive program that only aids in running social media in the old fashion:

  • There is no built-in virality
  • Big price tag
  • Accounts are challenging to manage

If you choose to switch to Sociamonials, it will give you the most incredible organic reach and less expense for software. Control Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google my Business, and YouTube accounts from one place.

In addition to landing page blogs to posts, you can set up contests for videos and photos. Plus, you can take, approve and share UGC Assess the true impact of influencer campaigns, and find micro-influencers that are already making an impact. 

Enter contest entries and sweepstakes winners via a social CRM email and engage with contest participants while you design, promote, and manage sweepstakes. Aside from sweepstakes and contests, you can also award with shares or the result of shares.

Sociamonials’ intuitive editor makes creating customized posts and campaigns a breeze. Its customizable dashboard features interactive graphs and charts that show how your social media campaigns are performing. 

With the help of Sociamonials, you can also see which social networks are generating the most engagement and link shares. Another benefit of Sociamonials is that it allows you to monitor and manage up to 100 social media accounts.

It automatically determines the most effective timing to post on each network by the business metrics you have set. So your business can easily manage all of its social media accounts with the help of a single dashboard. 

You can also add existing accounts and login credentials to Sociamonials and track their performance. All this is done with a single login. Once you’ve gotten started, you’re ready to start building a successful social media strategy.

2. User-Generated Content

Social media marketers can customize the layout of their campaign pages, send out notifications, and edit user-generated content (UGC). Using the Sociamonials platform allows you to schedule and automate post-scheduling. In addition, you can create custom submission forms to capture the information you need.

Once your campaign is up and running, you can track the performance of your campaigns with Sociamonials. You can create your customers as the protagonists of your story. Potential buyers tend 10 times more to consider a review from a peer than the information offered by a brand in making a purchase.

Sociamonials lets you gather and display photos, videos, and text-based user-generated material (UGC) of your audience. Sharing and approving their content is easy and enjoyable.

Include video testimonials on your social pages and YouTube channels easily. Images grab the interest of the audience more quicker than other media. Customers want to tell others about their experiences using your products. Make sure they have every chance.

Launch sweepstakes, contests, or referral rewards campaigns to motivate people to keep a record and be sure to share. Significate UGC on your Facebook and Twitter sites and websites automatically to maximize the impact.

Create beautiful campaigns in just a few moments using a design editor. Begin by using any of the designs, then create your branding.

3. Social Media Campaigns

As a social media strategist, Sociamonials will help you track the influencers in your industry and target them with your advertising campaigns. It enables you to add your social accounts and set up filters to target specific audiences. It can also help you manage multiple brands. Also, you can create and customize your campaigns.
Sociamonials offers all features in one place, such as automatic posting of your top content, sharing across multiple networks, the ability to shorten URLs, limitless reports, video testimonials, and the ability to run agency-level social media campaigns. Sociamonials Lifetime Deal

sociamonials Review & sociamonials lifetime deal

It is easy for you to manage your sweepstakes and contests. It considered everything to allow you to spend more time interacting with your audience and less time stressing about it.

The automated fraud prevention system is constantly looking for referrals and duplicate votes. Unusual activity will be flagged and removed. Approve the submission using mobile four moderation settings to ensure you can achieve the right balance between ease of use and vigilance.

Your white-label campaign allows your brand to be on the stage by utilizing custom emails and entry forms, microsites, and thank-you pages. You can try up to five campaigns at once, and the system will inform you which one performed best. Start social campaigns such as these in just a few minutes without any assistance from the IT

3. Share Buttons

Sociamonials make it easy to track influencers and focus on the best ones. It can be challenging to get your name out there on social media if you are a small business. But the platform makes it easy to find and use influencers, making it a must-have for your marketing strategy.

Sociamonials has recently launched the company’s Google My Business integration! Set up updates for your GMB sites from the GMB native dashboard, like you would with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

It is compatible with all the buttons that can increase the number of phone calls and traffic for your business. Additionally, Google My Business now is fully integrated into Your Sociamonials campaigns, allowing you to create and then approve the User Generated Content, which will then post directly to the GMB location.

4. Social Analytics

Monitor the results of your content-related campaigns effortlessly. Find out quickly which types of campaigns and content and users deliver the best results. Track referral revenue from website visits and additional information for every campaign, submission, and user report on the content, generating the highest sales, leads, and referrals.

You can identify your brand’s advocates by tracking the engagement and referral activity across their devices. You can create your campaigns without any coding, and it tracks custom social media metrics to see how your social efforts are working. You can also see which networks are generating the most engagement.

You can even generate unlimited reports, and you’ll never miss an opportunity to see how your brand is performing. You’ll have a chance to measure your ROI and see that social networks drive the most engagement.

You can export the reports to MS Excel and share them with your business partners. It is also easy to create custom metrics that can be attributed to individual users or a campaign. It helps to track your social media performance and ROI. 

Monitor the results of your content-related campaigns effortlessly. Find out quickly which types of campaigns and the content and users deliver the best results.

Track referral revenue from website visits and additional information for every campaign, submission, and user report on the content, generating the highest sales, leads, and referrals.

You can identify your brand’s advocates by tracking the engagement and referral activity across their devices. Sociamonials Lifetime Deal


In the process of recording the enthusiasm of your clients by capturing their testimonials and UGC, you are creating a vast database of email addresses and information regarding your clients.

Sociamonials will add contacts to lists within your existing CRM or email service provider to make your life easier. It works with these and different email services:

Sociamonials Pricing

There are four planes available that are accessible on their official website, both monthly and annually. You can select one of them. With a yearly plan, you will get a 21% discount.

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