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Get Paid For Social Media Work

social media job
  • This is remote work. 
  • You don’t need experience 
  • You will get training
  • Full time or part-time work
  • Get paid by using social media accounts.
  • Get paid $25 – $50 per hour
  • You also can run your own social media 
  • Work from home

Description: Life cost is increasing day by day. In this situation everyone needs an extra income. Social media job can be the best solution for it. We are using social media every day life. Only if change your social media using way, it will give you extra money. This entry-level position doesn’t require any previous knowledge in social media advertising. You will get full training.

Pay: $35 an hour ($316 a day)

Required: This requires three things: 1. A device that can connect to the internet, such as a smartphone, tablet, or phone (Android and IOS), 2. Internet access 3) At least 1-2 hours a day to use social media to promote these companies.

Experience is required: Are you a Twitter user, or have you posted on Facebook? If so, you already have the experience necessary to start this job. These businesses seek regular social media users, not social advertising executives. Plus, you get full training to ensure you are ready to earn your first $35 an hr.

These jobs require new workers.

What Type of Work Are You Required to do in This Job?

Many businesses don’t have time to manage their social media accounts every day and don’t want another full-time employee to do this. You’ll work for several companies at once, but you will be working remotely.

Facebook Work – Upload photos from companies’ websites to your Facebook Page.

Twitter Work Businesses must use their Twitter account to tweet frequently.

YouTube Work: Upload pre-made videos on the company’s YouTube channels. Companies will provide pre-made videos.

Instagram Work: Manage their Instagram Stories, Reels, Posts, and Posts on a regular basis.

Examples These are examples of jobs that you might get paid to use Facebook and Twitter.

Remote YouTube job (Video Uploading), $750 per week

$50 for each Instagram post

$190/day YouTube Uploading Job

Upload photos to Facebook for $950 per Week

$150 per day – Instagram Yoga job

$600/week Instagram Fashion Blogger Job – Youtube Movie Review Job

Social Media Jobs is a great resource to find opportunities that pay you for helping companies. Freelancers can earn up to $50 an hour, depending on their level of productivity and position. 

All tasks include posting status updates to Facebook on specific days, uploading and editing YouTube videos, tweeting about business promotion efforts like sharing, subscribing, and many more. Never miss the extra income opportunity from home.