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MyAlice Appsumo Lifetime Deal
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Imagine if there was a way to manage all of your customer interactions across channels, right from a single interface. Myalice is a customer engagement platform that enables businesses to do just that. 

With the help of AI, MyAlice automates responses to customer questions, order tracking, and requests for support. It also lets you communicate with your customers via the phone, chat, or email, all through one platform.

Myalice also offers an array of powerful analytics to monitor and analyze your interactions with customers. It is the first customer engagement platform to integrate with Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. 

What is Myalice

Alice is an AI assistant that helps you with your work. It can manage your email, schedule appointments, and keep track of your to-dos. Alice is available on the web and as a mobile app. Alice is always learning and adapting to your preferences. 

Feature of Myalice

As customer service evolves, so must the platforms businesses use to deliver support. Today, more and more companies are moving away from traditional live chat and ticketing systems, and towards social messaging and automation platforms like Myalice.

It is an all-in-one customer support platform that offers businesses a variety of features, including live chat, social messaging, ticketing, and automation. 

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All Massage in One Inbox

Live Chat

Installing an interactive live chat feature on your website will enable you to chat with your visitors and tailor their shopping experience to suit their needs.

Shared Team Inbox

You will have one email inbox to store all your comments, messages, and orders, which can be shared with all your team members for seamless collaboration.

Feed from Facebook

Respond to comments on pages and mentions more quickly using the MyAlice inbox, and automate routine responses to cut down on time.

Instagram Messenger

Control all your Instagram DMs and orders in one place with your team. You can also automate the customer’s inquiries.

Instagram Feed

Engage your followers on Instagram by responding quickly to your followers’ comments and mentions in one email.

WhatsApp Business

This is among the WhatsApp business service providers around the world. Control your WhatsApp messages as well as push notifications, and also help with customer support.

MyAlice Lifetime Deal


Engage with your customers via Viber Manage messages and orders, send notifications, and make it easier to answer customer questions.


Engage with your customers via Telegram Manage messages, orders, and push notifications, and automate customer inquiries.


Engage with your customers online, manage orders and messages, send notifications to customers and answer their questions.

Mobile Application

Include a chat widget in your mobile application to handle support issues and gather feedback.

Get Lifetime Access to MyAlice on Appsumo

Manage Orders From Inbox

Shopify Integration

Join Shopify on MyAlice to link your store and see user information and order history on every ticket.

WooCommerce Integration

Connect WooCommerce to MyAlice to link your inventory and then view the user’s information and order history alongside every ticket.

View Order History

Browse and review your purchase history within your email for personal assistance. Link customers to your online inventory to view the status of their previous orders in real time.

Create and update orders

Make, edit or cancel orders in a matter of seconds out of your inbox without leaving your dashboard.

Summary of the Customer

Find the full image of your customers immediately with the help of LTV and average basket size, order frequency, and much more.

Interaction with the Product

You can instantly track the products your customers have purchased or browsed through in the cart to retrieve abandoned carts.

Get Lifetime Access to MyAlice on Appsumo

Automate Everything

No-code Chatbots

You can automate your entire user experience by utilizing intelligent chatbots, from discovering products to supporting after-sales.

MyAlice Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Multilingual Support

Include NLP in chatbots you have to help them be more responsive and able to recognize sentences, phrases, or even intentions in different languages.

Automated Queries

You can automate as much as 60% of typical customers’ queries using the use of keywords NLPs as well as rules that speed up the process and cut the cost of support.

NLP Integration

Connect and then train your NLP there. Sort all data using the wit platform and then respond using MyAlice automation

API integration

Join your backup system to transfer data. Once the data is synced connect to the system and display the information.

Transfer of Control from Bot to Human

Chatbots can handle questions as well as generate leads. Then, you have the option to follow up and conclude the deal.

Smart Ticketing

Automated Ticketing

Automatically assign tickets to support groups or agents depending on availability, time tags, and priority.

Reassign Tickets

Notes in private for your colleagues and assign tickets to different teams or agents for seamless collaboration.

MyAlice Appsumo Lifetime DealMyAlice Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Create Tickets

Make sure filters organize your tickets to categorize conversations according to status (pending/resolved), tags, agents, and channels.

Manage Tags

Tag conversations with tags, like “refund” and “order complete,” to help organize and track them as required.

Manage Customer Attributes

Manage and assign customer attributes and then filter customers using those added shortly.

Completely Visible

Find out who’s in charge of the customer you’re dealing with and avoid any confusion when a ticket is assigned to only one agent.

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Use Real-time Data

Customer Data

Manage all of your customer’s data on one dashboard: contact information and demographics, and the history of users.

Agent Metrics

Control your agents and receive individual productivity reports that maximize and reward your support staff.

The Ticket Metrics

The specifics of each ticket until the overall response rate, and percentage track the response rate of your staff to tickets.

Conversion and Sales Information

Connect your Shopify and WooCommerce store to MyAlice and receive sales and conversion statistics.

Customer Reviews

Create rules for collecting user feedback and ratings instantly and receiving all data in one location.

Export Data

Export your customer’s details, including ticket information, ticket details, and customer reviews, into an Excel spreadsheet in just one click.

Set up Myalice Steps

  • Log in to your WordPress administrator dashboard and click Plugins on the left-hand sidebar.
  • Go to “Add to Cart” and then type in “MyAlice” using the search bar located at the top left.
  • Install and then activate the plugin. You will then look for MyAlice on the left sidebar.
  • Complete your profile on MyAlice by making a new account or signing in if you already have one.
  • Install WooCommerce from the MyAlice marketplace and set it up in the settings.
    • Enter the URL of your WooCommerce store.
    • Choose a channel to host your WooCommerce shop.
    • You can get a plugin key to activate your MyAlice App within your WooCommerce dashboard
  • You can enable your MyAlice plugin on Your WordPress Dashboard by entering the Key to Authenticate. Key.


MyAlice Review and Lifetime Deal

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MyAlice Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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Benefits Of  MyAlice Appsumo Deal

  • Lifetime access to MyAlice
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited channels
  • Custom branding

MyAlice Deal Final Word 

MyALICE is an integrated marketing platform for businesses. You can automate your marketing campaigns and achieve better results with intelligent AI. You can use the MyAlice inbox to assign tickets to the correct agent or team based on time, tags, and availability.

It also integrates all your channels into a single inbox, making it easy to keep track of your customer interactions. You can customize your customer journeys and improve customer satisfaction with MyAlice.

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