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Making a Woocommerce sales funnel using the simplest tool LunchFlows may feel like cooking the family dinner in the dorms of your college. Sure, having your store on WordPress using WooCommerce is easy; however, navigating through the various plugins isn’t.

What would it be like if you could elevate your WooCommerce company up to the next step using one tool that manages customized sales funnels and upsells and payment options in a snap?

What is LaunchFlows?

One of the biggest advantages of LaunchFlows is the ability to offer complementary products to your customers after they complete their purchases. It allows you to daisy-chain multiple Upsell and Downsell steps, so you can offer a new product every time a customer declines an Upsell offer.

You can even include a down-sell if a customer has already declined an up-sell. The LaunchFlows system comes with extensive text documentation on using the software. A good library of how-to tutorial videos is available as well. 


The lifetime license allows you to use LaunchFlows on as many websites as you want. It includes lifetime updates, bug reporting, feature requests, and personal customer support.

You can also find reviews of LaunchFlows from current clients and get the latest updates. You can even join their official Facebook group to ask questions and get help. You will find many other entrepreneurs who have used LaunchFlows and have been satisfied with the service. It’s worth trying out.

Feature of LaunchFlows

LaunchFlows is an extensive WordPress plugin that allows you to create dynamic sales funnels that offer upsells and even provide instant payments to WooCommerce.

Custom Sales Funnel

It allows you to transform WooCommerce’s posts and product pages into sales funnels that are custom-designed to increase conversion rates and greater customer satisfaction.

Take your customers on a customized journey regardless of whether you’d like to create a multi-step funnel or just a single-page checkout. You’ll be able to maximize the amount of money you earn per visit by using customized pre- or post-checkout orders and product variants.

It includes high-converting templates. It also integrates with your default WordPress editor or your preferred Page Builder.

LaunchFlows Lifetime Deal | WooCommerce Sales Funnel Maker

Get Lifetime Access to LaunchFlows on AppSumo

Upsells And Downsells

The fun doesn’t need to end after the purchase, either. Continue to keep the customer’s journey moving by offering upsells and down-sell promotions according to purchase habits. Include the order bump or upsell widgets to any post or page you wish to customize with design and copy to stay in line with your brand.

You are in complete control of the stages of your sales funnel. Therefore, you can make your sales funnel more effective by offering a discount alternative for those who don’t want the upsell option.

LaunchFlows Lifetime Deal | WooCommerce Sales Funnel Maker

Instant Payment, and Donation

A smooth user experience will lead to increased customer satisfaction and revenues! Allow customers to pay by offering the option of instant payments, donations, or names-your-price alternatives which you can add to your funnels for sales.

Buyers and customers can use any payment method compatible with WooCommerce and pay with just a few clicks.

You’ll generate more leads by immediate registration that transforms the checkout experience of the customer who has been onboarded into a one-click process.

LaunchFlows Lifetime Deal | WooCommerce Sales Funnel Maker

Get Lifetime Access to LaunchFlows on AppSumo

Increase Buyer Satisfaction With Personalized

Instead of leaving customers to dry after their purchase, show them off with gorgeous and informative thank-you pages. Use your preferred page-building software, such as Classic Editor or Gutenberg!

You can show a customized page for your customers that contains their purchase information and let them know what’s next.

Additionally, you’ll be able to automatically link them to the purchased item or redirect them to their accounts or past orders and even offer them an upsell.

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Sales Funnel Tricks

As Amazon and other well-known websites for shopping, it is possible to provide one-click checkout to every buyer under certain conditions.

The feature will show the customer a beautiful overlay that indicates that payment is in progress. Without adding additional payment details, click”Place Order” or click the “Place Order” button.

Save the payment method with a credit card used at any Stripe checkout while disguising the option and the notice to save.

Use any URL variables that you can send on a checkout site that the user is not already registered and logged in. The function will fill in three fields using the information provided within the URL string.

If you’ve created a custom checkout page, and the buyer requires logging in, WooCommerce will redirect them to the checkout page for all customers instead of your customized checkout page, where they intended to purchase.

If a customer can add or remove a particular item from a customized checkout, this feature will bring them back to the exact scroll position(desktop)or at the top of the payment section(mobile).

To provide the most pleasant shopping experience, the buyer doesn’t need to use their credit card every time they shop. It’s easier and quicker to use the AutoClick Checkout option in LaunchFlows.

To ensure that the buyer has securely registered their credit card using Stripe or Square, make sure you enable this feature either in or both of the Elementor Payment widgets or by inserting the shortcode in the following (you aren’t likely to want to do both!).

Get Lifetime Access to LaunchFlows on AppSumo

Custom Checkout

LaunchFlows lets you transform any post or page kind into a checkout page such as products, lessons, or even Media pages. It gives you a fantastic amount of flexibility to sell products anytime and anywhere you’d like.

Make it possible to display payment methods in a low-cost checkout layout using the Fields Component for Payment. Fields Component.

Sometimes, you may need to block certain (or all) of your standard checkout elements of the product from being visible at the top of the webpage.

A famous example is to cover one of the fields, “Order Notes” (Additional) checkout fields.

Since LaunchFlows displays all the standard components until you move or hide them, this technique can be used to cover any element.

This option is best for those who have multiple products and would like to make it easier and faster to checkout for each product by having a sales page for all products and checkout for each product.

The other benefit is that the marketing automation can be easily customizable to track customers who visit and buy the products they sell on their pages for products without the hassle of codes or cookies.

There are instances that you’d like to change (and take over) your standard WooCommerce “Place Order” button to move it to an alternative location in your custom checkout layout.

Displays a loyalty note to all buyers who have completed at least five (5) purchases.

The “sticky” checkout component is an effective method of displaying an array of products available to purchase or review since it is always visible on the page regardless of whether the rest of the information scrolls to the bottom.

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Benefits Of  Launchflows Deal

  • Lifetime access 
  • All future updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • All features
  • Lifetime plugin updates
  • Lifetime bug reporting and feature requests

Making your WooCommerce store an upgrade doesn’t mean you have to leave WordPress or manage a lot of plugins. I promise the site is incredible once it loads.

LaunchFlows allows you to easily create the perfect customer experience with customized sales funnels, immediate payment, upsells, and down sells.

Let WooCommerce do the work.

Access for a lifetime for Visite: LaunchFlows Deal right now!

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