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Ideta is a chatbot capable of handling most customer requests, such as ordering food, getting help with a product, and making reservations using AI and machine learning to provide services instantly.

It uses natural language understanding and predictive intelligence to answer all customer queries in real time. It is mainly designed for businesses to use for their customer service department or on social media platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Ideta AI Chatbot understands the intent of your questions or messages. It also responds appropriately with a range of possible answers to help you save time searching for the solution you need. For example, while chatting on Facebook, Ideta will respond to any question with a comment so that you can see both options available.

What is Ideta?

Ideta, a new chatbot service, allows users to build intelligent bots. These smart agents field queries from customers and potential leads and is able to improve customer engagement.

It comes with a clear dashboard so you can track all of your conversations with a chatbot. It also has an optional webhook so you can be notified when a customer begins a conversation.

Ideta offers easy-to-use software that allows users to create high-performing chatbots. You don’t need to know any programming languages to build a chatbot with Ideta, and you can get your bot up and running in a matter of days.

You can modify it regularly through the chatbot cockpit, and you can even monitor your chatbot’s performance so you can improve it further.

How did It start?

Ideta was founded in 2017 following Yanis and Sarah’s interaction. They have raised more than 1 million euros thanks to the assistance of various incubators (Dataiku Nest, Willa, Reseau Entreprendre, Village by CA, etc. ). In September, 2018the Ideta platform went up and running, marking the beginning of the Ideta” community!”

After winning the hackathons in a dozen, they realized that the demand for conversational AI and automated (chatbot or call bot voice bot) would only increase exponentially. It was also a fantastic method to provide superior service and assistance to all customers worldwide.

Feature of Ideta AI Chatbot

The power of AI computing lies in taking what we don’t know and making predictions based on data. Ideta provides unparalleled convenience for customers while offering them personalized experiences.

No Code Needed Code

You can make a smart chatbot with Ideta, and you don’t need to know any programming to do it. Its interface is simple and completely coding-free. You can also make changes in the cockpit, which will improve your chatbot regularly. This will enable you to monitor your conversations with your chatbots and make adjustments to your content accordingly.

You’ll explore how users interact by making new conversation templates and altering those already in use–all without having to write a single piece of software. Since first impressions are essential, you can modify your bot’s design to fit your branding and brand, such as avatars and chat bubble colors.

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Bring a Human Touch For Bot Training

Contrary to the leftover Halloween candy you should have thrown away in the past, Your bot will only get better as you get older.

With the aid of AI with AI, you can enhance the chatbot you have created. This way, users experience the feeling of being an actual person rather than a computer.

Create and modify words, phrases, or entities to enhance the chatbot’s communication skills as time passes.
There, you’ll be able to check how your chatbot is performing by monitoring conversation information in the analytics dashboard.

Ideta also lets developers create multiple test scenarios to preview their bot’s performance before deployment. And since a chatbot is always on, it never gets sick. It’s always ready to help customers. Conversations with an intelligent ai bot are similar to building relationships with humans.

Ideta Lifetime Deal

A smart chatbot can learn from real-time user interactions. A chatbot can push content and initiate learning interactions. However, it is important to design a chatbot that will be sensitive to the needs of your learners.

It should be sensitive to the time of day of your customers and employees. Whether the chatbot will be speaking to them on a daily basis, must be flexible and adaptable. It should also have a personality that will allow it to hold a complex conversation.

Automatic Call Center

Are you ringing on the phone on the wrong end? Ideta has you covered as well. Give your agents some time off and spend less time answering routine questions by automating a portion of your customer service using AI.

It is also possible to connect your bot with an API, so you’re alerted when customers start the chat. This way, you can let a support person come in and help whenever the conversation requires extra human contact.


Ideta also can manage some of your internal processes, allowing you to track and follow up on leads. You can incorporate your bot with your office tools to automate tasks like gathering customer data and scheduling appointments.

The bot will send information to your CRM, agents, as well as Google Sheets, and even send out emails. It will also be possible to communicate with clients worldwide as you can build your bot to be multilingual.

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Use For

A smart chatbot can be useful for various purposes. You can use it for providing answers to questions that customers have asked. Depending on the purpose of the chatbot, it can answer questions, assist with customer service, and much more.

Its conversational AI system can learn from the information you provide and even make recommendations based on it. The AI system can learn from every interaction with humans. It can respond to any question that the user may have and can be customized according to the person.

Ideta’s key method of operation has been copied by many chatbot designers. It has the ability to recognize clue words and output pre-prepared responses. It uses text from input and responds to it.

In this way, the Ideta smart chatbot has the ability to answer questions and offer personalized recommendations. A chatbot that is smart and efficient can enhance the user experience. This service is also available for other businesses.

 Why Ideta Is the Best Platform For Building Chatbots?

👉🏻 Easy to use LiveChat
👉🏻 Visual builder for pre-filled answers and chatbots
👉🏻 Deep integrations with Dialogflow for intent recognition
👉🏻 Custom analytics

Alternative to:

Intercom and Crisp

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  • Human handover
  • Analytics

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