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One of the most popular marketing tools is pushing notifications. With this tool, you can easily send notifications to many people. You can also segment your campaigns based on language, country, and browser. All these factors help you make sure you are reaching your audience.

Gravitec is an automation tool that helps businesses create push notifications and increase web traffic. Its built-in languages allow marketers to send push notifications to their audience. It also helps boost conversions and automates fall protection campaigns. It has a high success rate and can convert your leads into subscribers between 10 and 15%. 

What is Gravitec?

With Gravitec, you can segment your subscribers based on many aspects, including language, country, and browser. So you can send your marketing message to specific segments of your subscribers. The tool allows you to track the performance of your campaigns and see which ones are working well. You can also segment your campaigns based on a conversion rate to ensure relevancy. Users can sign up for push notifications with just a few clicks. You can then customize your campaigns based on the results.

As a result, Gravitec is useful for marketers looking to increase traffic subscribers, streamline campaigns, and increase customer loyalty. The software lets you compile top news pieces, automate the distribution of this content, and customize permission prompts. 

Features of Gravitec

Gravitec offers a variety of great features that can help boost your website’s traffic via Re-marketing. It could be an excellent option if you want to sell from notifications.

Increase Website Traffic

If you’re looking for a way to increase your notification subscriptions, Gravitec is the perfect tool for you. This software can help you create and send notifications that retarget your target audience with its simple, intuitive interface. You can also analyze your conversion rates by viewing how your subscribers deliver your messages. 

In addition to offering a variety of customizable features, Gravitec enables marketers to automate push notifications, but it also helps them segment their lists by browser, country, and language. It helps you reach your target audience by offering tailored content. Once you’ve opted-in, you can use the tool to send welcome messages and more to boost your website’s traffic.

  • Boost your traffic by roughly 40% within six months
  • Convert 10-15% of visitors into subscribers
  • Send campaigns automatically
  • Effectively target your campaigns

Automated Delivery of the Latest News

Using Gravitec to automate your push notification campaigns will boost traffic, improve user engagement, increase conversions, build subscribers, streamline movements, and enhance customer loyalty. Its latest features allow you to compile and distribute the top ten news pieces and automate their delivery to your subscribers. Moreover, you can create custom permission prompts for each campaign, and you can save money while maximizing your business’s revenue. 

With the help of its native WordPress plugin, Gravitec allows you to send notifications from your RSS feed. Not only can you send daily or weekly digests of the top news items, but you can also send individual emails to your subscribers with unread news.

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Daily and Weekly News Digests

Gravitec allows you to set up automated push campaigns that will automatically send popular notifications to your subscribers. It will give you complete control over your campaigns and ensure that you’re reaching your target audience. The Gravitec native WordPress plugin lets you easily send push notifications to subscribers and make sure that they are aware of new content. The plugin also allows you to customize the text of push notification prompts to meet Google’s requirements for user interaction. It will enable you to customize your message for each individual.

You can send daily or weekly news digests containing 6-10 of the most important news items. It also lets you send notifications based on your audience’s location or time zone. Gravitec can also automate your push notification campaigns and send personalized content to your subscribers with its advanced features.

Especially for New Subscribers

Gravitec can increase your web traffic and convert website visitors into subscribers with an automated push campaign. With a Drip campaign, you can send subscribers notifications that keep them engaged.

Drip Campaigns A series of messages to new customers. Create a collection of posts specifically for the new subscriber. Improve their engagement and increase loyalty.

Targeted Campaigns

Gravitec WordPress plugin lets you customize the push notification prompt text to suit your website’s design and branding. You can also choose to display different notification prompts depending on your subscribers’ country, browser, or language. These features help you increase subscriber retention and boost conversions.

You can also target users by country, language, and other factors to better tailor your messages. In addition, Gravitec allows you to segment your subscribers based on which device they’re using to view your website. Once you’ve created your campaigns, you can monitor your performance and adjust your content based on their responses.

The Bell

Website visitors can sign up again for your notifications and subscribers will be able to view their history of notifications. users can restrict notifications by category.


With Gravitec, you’ll be able to automate content delivery and notifications. You can use their automated push notifications to send messages to your subscribers if you have a website. They offer daily or weekly news digests, drip campaigns, and autoresponder services. You can use it for push notifications, and you can also customize the permission prompts and paid subscriptions and promote your advertiser’s content.

Campaign Reports

The complete report online in the charts becomes processed automatically. It will allow you to determine the success of your marketing campaigns quickly. Additionally, it provides specific reports about campaigns.

If you’re new to push notifications, Gravitec is the best option for you. It can help you monitor the performance of your campaigns. You can also analyze conversion rates, view delivery statistics, and create follow-up messages.

Smart campaigns

The Rich Push Notification features large image buttons and Emojis. The notification elements in only one step. It is possible to send the notification directly to your phone before sending it to recipients. Plan when to send a notification message (including the option of sending it to a particular time zone) Send transactional or personal notifications Chrome Extension Create and send campaigns using the Chrome browser.

Gravitec Best For

WordPress webmasters publishers, website owners, and content creators who want to grow the number of customers they have through clever push campaigns

Alternative of Gravitec

OneSignal, iZooto, PushEngage, and Webpushr

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  • RESTful API
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