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When traveling, you want to ensure your internet connection is as secure as possible. Unfortunately, not all cities have the best internet connections. If you’re in a city with a wrong signal or an unstable relationship, your internet experience can be frustrating and even dangerous. VPNs are a type of VPN (a virtual private network) that is a kind of private connection that connects your laptop to the internet. 

Urban Free VPN 

Are you sick of your ISP monitoring and managing your online activities? Are you worried about the security and security of your information while using Wi-Fi hotspots in public places?

Urban Free VPN is here to assist. With a secure, encrypted connection, you are able to browse the internet in peace, knowing that your information is secure and protected. Plus, the service is completely free!

This is a free and open-source proxy application. The program is intended to help you bypass web censorship and unblock websites that are blocked in your area. It can also help you keep your privacy while online. The program is compatible with Windows or macOS. It is easy to use.

urban free vpn proxy unblocker - best vpn

Urban free VPN Features

Anonymous Browsing: You will be able to enjoy a speedy and secure connection without a third party knowing your real identity or being able to track the connection through you.

Destroy ISP throttle: ISPs do not always operate with complete transparency; in reality, they’re likely to cut your bandwidth under certain conditions!

80+ Server Locations: The Currently have over 80 servers in major cities across the globe and continue to expand our services with new sites each month.

Unblock any website: Today, everyone has a safe broadband connection and has access to any website or app they wish. Maybe not?

Unlimited Bandwidth: Do not worry about download or upload limitations imposed on you by different VPN providers. Urban Free VPN allows for unlimited bandwidth.

Unlimited Devices: You can experience an extremely quick, secure, secure connection across any device you’d want, just like the way you do with your smartphone.

Urban free VPN chrome extension

Keep your identity secure and secure with a 100% free VPN. Networks around the world. The Browser Extension offers you Quick and Simple Activation and unlimited bandwidth! Make sure your browsing activities are secure and secure. Guard your browser against unwanted advertisements and safeguard your device from viruses and

Other vulnerabilities can be found other vulnerabilities when using public Wi-Fi networks. The browser extension allows it to browse safely without worrying about personal data theft and other security threats. Advertisers and websites – get around barriers and go online anonymously! Beware of harmful ads by activating the advertising blocker feature.

Safe browsing features integrated into the software can protect against malware and help you avoid unsafe site surfing. The extension will ensure that other third parties are not capable of tracking.

Your browsing activities are secure and do not allow your browsing data to be tracked or sold to third-party companies – your connection is safe and secure. There’s no requirement to download additional software. Click download, install the extension, and then configure it to use the internet.

If you select Urban VPN, you choose security, quality, and safety!

  • 100% Free
  • Enable your IP address and make sure your web traffic is secure
  • Unblock blocked websites and geo-locations
  • Stream or download your content quickly and speed
  • It is easy to switch IPs following the location you want to be

Download Urban Free VPN

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