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Video marketing is a great way to engage prospects, but filming personalized content for each viewer is cost-effective and efficient in grabbing their attention. By filming custom videos for each viewer, you can ensure that they see your message and remember it as well.

Like many people, you may think video production is time-consuming and inaccessible for you. But that’s not true! With the right tools and patience, you can produce high-quality videos that are sure to impress. DeepWord is a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that allows users to create and share natural language video content. 


What is DeepWord?

Deepfake videos are videos that are created using deep learning algorithms to appear as if they were made with traditional video editing software. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including scaled outreach. 

Deepfake videos can be customized to feature the voice and likeness of any person, making them a powerful tool for spreading messages and engaging with potential customers or constituents. By generating personalized deepfakes, businesses can reach a wider audience more effectively than ever before.


DeepWord is a new AI-driven video generation tool that allows users to generate realistic deepfake videos, complete with CRM integration for personalized customer service. 

Using DeepWord’s machine learning algorithms, users can create engaging and believable fake videos of themselves, friends, or celebrities with just a few simple clicks. This could be incredibly useful for creating promotional content or replacing embarrassing private footage with something more professional.


DeepWord is an Alternative to Synthesia 

DeepWord is an alternative to Synthesia, another deepfake video software. It lets you generate realistic deepfake videos, complicating creating them. 

It also includes features for altering and tweaking the videos after they’ve been created, making it a more versatile tool for those seeking to create high-quality fakes.


DeepWord is Best for

DeepWord is a powerful outreach tool that helps sales and marketing teams increase engagement with potential customers. It helps to identify and target key demographics, provides a wealth of data on user behavior, and can generate targeted emails and social media posts. By using DeepWord, companies can more easily connect with their target audience, build relationships, and increase conversions.


Features of DeepWord

Deepword is a deepfake video creation tool with many features available for personalized outreach. Users can create realistic and believable videos with just a few clicks, perfect for targeted messaging. Plus, the ability to export videos in multiple formats makes creating scalable outreach content easy and painless.

  • With DeepWord, You can create fake videos that look like people speaking–write what you want to hear. You can also upload an audio recording of what you would like to listen to.
  • Select one of DeepWord’s actors or make your own for scaling.
  • In just 15 minutes, it’s possible to create a fake video that can be downloaded and shared or translated.
  • Select one of DeepWord’s actors and type the words you’d like them to say to generate a fake video.
  • DeepWord allows you to reduce time and money by creating custom videos for your marketing and sales contacts at the size.
  • Using merge tags, the user can transfer CSV documents from any CRM system to quickly modify videos to specific contacts.
  • In sales, education marketing, or education, it’s possible to incorporate DeepWord into your preferred system to ensure smooth distribution.


  • Get the most effective visual impression By choosing the location you want to overlay your created video onto customized backgrounds.
  • Instantly customize videos for your clients by uploading CSV documents from your CRM.
  • It allows you to create videos in multiple languages meaning you can expand your markets and build customer bases.
  • Create text-to-speech using more than 140 languages and each one with a range of authentic voices available to select.
  • It is also possible to add audio from any country and transform it into a visual with DeepWord’s video actors or your own.
  • Translate and create the video in more than 140 languages—each one has the most realistic voices you can choose from.
  • With DeepWord’s Python and RESTful APIs, the program allows seamless integration with any database or application.
  • The APIs of Deepword make it fast and simple to create custom videos for any contact while expanding marketing and sales campaigns.
  • This means that you’ll be able to speed up making customized, customized videos for your audience without taking on the burden of your staff.
  • Get seamless integration into any application or database using the APIs of DeepWord.
  • Establishing long-lasting relationships with your customers isn’t easy when giving them the same generic video. (“What do I do if I show an unreadable whiteboard with the words “Insert Your Name Here”? No?”)
  • DeepWord produces realistic fake videos from audio or text files. It connects to your CRM to streamline your video outreach.
  • Text-to-Video: Create videos of our actors, you, or anyone else you’re allowed to use just by typing the words you’d like them to talk to. Videos are created in just a few minutes.
  • Scaled Video Campaigns: Import contacts from your CRM and tailor videos to specific customers or sales prospects in a way that is scaled by using merge tags. Export your videos to your CRM to distribute via email campaigns, sales sequences, etc.
  • Individual Domain Share Page: Completely customize the share pages. These include logos, buttons, colors and text, links, headers and text, and your share’s URL.
  • The 140+ language support: Create videos using our neural text-to-speech voices available in more than 140 languages, and with a variety of voice accents as well as accents to suit every language. To create videos, you can add your audio files in any language (even ones not supported in our voice-to-text service).
  • Video Analytics Tracking: Analytics for video for individual videos as well as scaled video campaigns. Monitor video views, video engagement, as well as button click-through rates.
  • Full API Access Full API Access: Access the RESTful or Python-based APIs. Join DeepWord to native databases or applications to generate automatically personalized videos for customers and employees, sales prospects, or even customers. The possibilities are limitless!


What is the Reason Behind DeepWord?

Personalized video results in an average of 16x more open rates and 4.5x more unique click-throughs on email than non-personalized content. It’s not a secret that videos with people on them are more entertaining than those that don’t.

But the expense and time-consuming process of the production of videos makes it unsuitable for most campaigns on a large scale. It’s possible to be logical to make and edit your own videos or as a spokesperson on low-volume costly items. Still, there’s impossible to benefit from a personalized video after contacts exceed 20 emails.


DeepWord For Lifetime on Appsumo

DeepWord is an app that allows users to generate realistic deepfake videos. These videos are created by combining real footage with fake footage that has been edited to make it look like the original video. 

They can be used to create fake news or videos that spoof popular celebrities. It is currently offering a Lifetime Deal on their app, so if you’re interested in creating deepfake videos, now is the time to get started! His offer will save you 95% of the money and any monthly costs.

lifetime deal


Benefits Of  Appsumo DeepWord Deal

  • Lifetime access to DeepWord
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Text to video
  • 25+ video actors
  • Custom video actor upload
  • Scaled video campaigns
  • Video analytic tracking
  • Custom audio upload
  • API Access
  • MP4 downloads
  • Custom domain share pages
  • Fast processing time
  • No DeepWord branding, and add your logo

Lifetime Deal and extra discount

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DeepWord Final Word

In a nutshell, DeepWord lets businesses create authentic videos of people speaking and personalize the videos to specific prospects for sales or customers on the scale. All required is a video of the individual they wish to talk to, the message they want to speak to, and an imported contact list from their database or CRM. Visite DeepWord Deal on Appsumo.

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