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WP Reset is a WordPress plugin that helps you restore your website to its default settings, clears your cache and cookies, and backs up your website to a WordPress.com account. This article outlines the benefits of using WP Reset and complete review.

What is WP Reset?

WP Reset is a WordPress plugin that helps you to reset all the default settings on your website, including theme and plugin options, CSS and js files, passwords, and more. It also takes snapshots of your website to easily revert to any previous version.

It is super easy to use: install it, click the ‘reset defaults’ button, and you’re ready.

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WP Reset Features Review

Resets and snapshots are made easy with the WordPress plugin WPReset. This plugin allows you to instantly integrate themes and plugins, reset defaults, and take a screenshot of your website.

Reset Website in Minutes

The Effortless Solution! Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of reinstalling WordPress. With WPReset, you can easily restore all default values with just a few clicks. Debug and streamline your site by resetting or deleting selected sections, and get rid of old content and theme options for a quick rebrand. And, for an extra touch of professionalism, completely customize the plugin with your own logo, colors, and name without the need for coding skills. Experience effortless website revamping with WPReset.

Create Themes And Plugins Collections

The Theme and Plugin Organizer! Get your website looking exactly how you want it to with Collections. This powerful feature allows for bulk installation and activation of themes and plugins from the cloud, making it easier to set up your development environment.

Say goodbye to the hassle of individually installing themes and plugins. Instead, create collections of your favorite tools and easily access them from the cloud. Streamline your development process and create beautiful, functional websites with ease using Collections.

WP Reset lifetime deal

Automate The Process

Streamline Your Workflow with WP Reset’s Automated Snapshot Feature! It is the perfect solution for both small and big challenges in your daily workflow. Quickly restore your site to its current version by taking a snapshot. And, for added convenience, WP Reset automates the snapshot process by taking automatic snapshots based on specific actions and events.

Keep your snapshots safe with the option to save them in the cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Icedrive. With the ability to quickly revert to an earlier version, it makes managing your website and installing themes and plugins a breeze. Automate your process and simplify your workflow.

Emergency Recovery

Recover Your Hacked Website with WP Reset’s Emergency Recovery Tools! Don’t let a hacked website ruin your day. It has you covered with its Emergency Recovery Script. Even if you can’t log into your site admin, you can still access it and use the script to reclaim control.

With over 12 tools included, you have everything you need to get back on track. And, if the plugin hasn’t been installed on your client’s site, you can still use it to recover their website. The Emergency Recovery Script can restore your site from any screen, except the dreaded white screen. Stay calm and trust WP Reset to help you in your time of need.

Manage From Dashboard

This makes it easier to keep track of all your sites and has control over them in one place. You can manage the licenses for multiple client sites and ensure that the license sync is up-to-date. This central management feature enables you to streamline your workflow and provides you with an overview of all the important information about your sites in one place.

Sometimes you can do it over rather than fix it—the case with your high school sweetheart’s tattoos and the last episode of Game of Thrones.

You need a reliable tool to help you fix your website or remove plugins that slow down WordPress. WP Reset makes it easy to rebuild your site. It also stores copies in the cloud, preparing you for anything.

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How Does it Work?

Once installed, WP Reset will prompt you to take a snapshot of your site. This snapshot can be used to revert to your WordPress site’s default settings or compare your current site against the default settings. It also provides a “Reset All Defaults” button which will reset all of the default settings on your site.

What Are The Benefits of Using WP Reset?

It’s designed to help you optimize and improve your website’s performance. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It helps you optimize your WordPress site for better performance.
  • It helps you restore default settings so that your website looks and works the way it did when it was first created.
  • It provides a snapshot of your website so that you can track changes and make updates as necessary.
  • It’s easy to use – just download and install the plugin.

What Are The Risks of Using WP Reset?

WP Reset is a plugin that installs themes and plugins, resets defaults, and takes snapshots on your website. While this may seem like a great way to improve your WordPress website, some risks involved in using it.

First and foremost, it can unintentionally overwrite any customizations you have made to your website. For example, if you have installed a custom theme, it may be overwritten and replaced with the default theme.

If you have made any modifications to the settings of your WordPress website (such as customizing the admin area), these modifications may be lost if you use them. Additionally, use WP Reset to install new plugins or themes.

These new plugins or themes may have additional settings that overwrite any existing settings for those plugins or themes. Finally, if you use it to take a snapshot of your website, this snapshot may include information about your website that you do not want to be included in the snapshot (such as passwords).

When using WP Reset, it is important to consider the risks carefully. If you decide to use this plugin, back up your website if anything goes wrong.


WP Reset is a great plugin to clean up your WordPress site, make it look better, and address any optimization issues that might slow down your website.

It’s easy to use and essentially does all the work for you, so you can spend more time creating content and less on administrative tasks. If you’re looking to take your WordPress site from good to great, WP Reset is a plugin you should consider adding to your toolkit. Get Lifetime Access to Appsumo WP Reset Deal

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