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Music has always been a major part of our lives, and whether we’re listening to our favorite song on the radio or creating our own compositions, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as hearing our own work come to life.

With so many styles of music to choose from it’s sometimes difficult to determine where to begin. This is the point where SOUNDRAW is a great solution – an AI music maker that lets all music creators easily alter duration, style, and instruments for their own royalty-free music.

Whether you’re a musician looking for a way to experiment with new ideas or a writer looking for an easy way to create catchy tunes, SOUNDRAW is the perfect tool for you!


It is an AI music generator that allows creators to modify duration, melody, and instruments for their unique free of royalty. It can also be used to make music loops as well as remixes. 

How Does SOUNDRAW Work?

SOUNDRAW It is an AI music maker that allows creators of all kinds to easily alter their lengths, composition, and instruments used to create original royalty-free music. With it, users can create music that accurately reflects their creativity and style without worrying about copyright infringement.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to create professional-grade music without prior musician experience or training. Simply input your desired song length, composition, and instrumentation, and it will take care of the rest!

Short Overview

Create completely unique AI-generated music tracks that are based on themes or moods. You can easily alter the arrangement of any track using the right license that allows for unlimited use of the rearranged tracks

Recommended for Podcasters, video creators, and game designers who require unique music tracks

Alternatives to Artlist, Epidemic Sound, and Amper Music

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Appsumo SOUNDRAW Deal Features Review

SOUNDRAW can be described as an AI music maker that lets all music creators modify their lengths, composition, and the instruments that compose original royalty-free music.

Automatically generate unlimited audio

SOUNDRAW is an innovative platform that enables you to create custom music based on your desired tempo, instruments, and genre. With a variety of moods and themes to choose from, the AI-powered music generator of SOUNDRAW can produce up to 15 unique tracks that fit your chosen musical framework.

As SOUNDRAW offers royalty-free music, you have the ability to use your own custom music in any multimedia project, such as films and TV advertisements, YouTube videos, podcasts, and much more!

By using its artificial music maker, you can automatically generate an unlimited number of audio tracks that match your music preferences. Whether you’re a content creator or a filmmaker, it provides a hassle-free way to incorporate high-quality music into your projects.

You can modify music

SOUNDRAW provides even more flexibility to customize your music by allowing you to adjust the duration, arrangement, and instruments in each track to create project-specific music.

With the ability to download unlimited music across any device, you can be assured that the grind never stops.

It lets you download any music you’ve created in the high-quality WAV audio standard format for effortless, painless use.

By modifying the music to suit your needs, such as altering the instruments, tempo, and more, you can create a truly unique and personalized sound that will make your project stand out.

So whether you’re creating a podcast or a film score, SOUNDRAW makes it easy to create custom music that perfectly fits your project.

SOUNDRAW Lifetime Deal


SOUNDRAW also allows you to quickly edit existing tracks that you’re trying to perfect. You can save any unfinished or working tracks to the “Keep” section of the tool and revisit them in the future to edit client settings or use them again for future projects.

In addition, the URL feature allows you to easily send in-progress tracks to your customers and team members.

One of the best parts is that it is compatible with the Google Chrome browser, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their preferred operating system. So whether your friends are on Team Windows or Team Apple, they can access, create, and modify music effortlessly within the Google Chrome browser.

Overall, SOUNDRAW provides a powerful and easy-to-use solution for creating custom, high-quality music that can be used in a wide variety of multimedia projects. With its flexibility and user-friendly features, it’s a great tool for both experienced musicians and beginners alike.

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By using SOUNDRAW, you can avoid the hassle of searching for the perfect background music for your multimedia projects. Instead, you can easily create custom, original tracks that match your specific needs and preferences.

With the ability to modify tempo, instruments, duration, and more, you can tailor each track to your project and achieve a polished and professional result. Furthermore, by utilizing the plugin in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, you can seamlessly integrate your tracks into your editing process for a more efficient workflow. With SOUNDRAW, you can create unique and memorable content that stands out from the rest.

SOUNDRAW Lifetime Deal


Suppose you’re in the music industry and want to generate your own music. In that instance, It is an AI music generator that allows creators to modify the length and composition and the instruments used in their original royalty-free music. With SOUNDRAW’s easy-to-use interface, it’s simple to get started creating beautiful tracks that can be used for any purpose — from advertising videos to online marketing campaigns. Get access to Appsumo  SOUNDRAW Deal

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