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My valuable reader, in this article, I am going to give a full review of SiteGuru ai with a lifetime access offer. You can grab the deal. Let’s start the review. You may be wondering if you need an SEO specialist on your team. In the end, isn’t SEO an additional term to describe online marketing? It’s a yes or no. SEO refers to optimizing websites to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs); however, it’s not only about achieving a high ranking on Google.

Other factors to consider include how well potential customers understand your site. SiteGuru can help you with all your SEO needs, from creating high-quality content to constructing effective links.

What is SiteGuru?

SiteGuru is the best and most affordable SEO specialist on the market. They can help you with your SEO requirements, from keyword research to optimizing your site’s on-page performance. You can also use SiteGuru to create a website or blog.

SiteGuru can be described as an online software that can help you become an online entrepreneur easier. SiteGuru helps you with keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, and website design. They offer a lifetime deal so that you can use their services at a low cost.

SiteGuru is an Alternative to

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush

Best for

  • Bloggers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Small businesses

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What are the features of SiteGuru?

SiteGuru is an SEO expert that provides an array of features to aid you in optimizing your site for search engine optimization. SiteGuru has various tools that make improving your website’s visibility on the web easy. Using SiteGuru to monitor your site’s development over time is also possible, and you can make adjustments as needed.

Automated crawls of websites

Find the full image of your website. SiteGuru scans your entire site and displays the complete structure. Sitemaps, internal links, and even canonicals: Our crawler consumes everything. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your website, which includes those pages you’ve been ignoring.

We will send you a new SEO report to your email every week, and you can begin a new one manually.

Your SEO to-do list

The crawler collects thousands of information points on your site. It is all available in more than 20 reports. However, you don’t require 20 reports. It is best to have actionable strategies for SEO.

This is the point where this SEO task list is a must. The most crucial SEO problems on your site can impact your image.

This is what makes SiteGuru the ideal tool for those who don’t have a lot of SEO experience. We can assist you in identifying the areas you should focus on.

Collaboration is key.

SEO isn’t something you can do on your own. Invite your copywriters, colleagues, and developers to join your SiteGuru account to begin working to improve your website.

It’s no restriction on the number of guests you can invite. It’s simple to provide everyone with access to the information they require.

Be aware of any changes.

We monitor your website each week and track the changes that have occurred. Check out the historical Meta descriptions and page titles, and canonicals. Discover how your page’s speed has changed over time. Keep in mind the general health of your site.

It is a great way to spot problems quickly. It’s even better to impress your boss with your progress.

Exports of everything you’ll need

The ability to make yourself Excel as well as Google Sheets magic. Exports can be made to CSV and MS Word, with your logo and company’s name in the reports.

Link Google Analytics and Google Search Console

SiteGuru examines the on-page characteristics of your site. However, you could gain important information by connecting the accounts of your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. Find out what keywords your site is ranked for and what you can do to increase the CTR and track your ranking. All in one place.


Get Lifetime Access to Appsumo SiteGuru Deal

Meta titles and descriptions

Make sure you know the basics. Find duplicate or missing title pages and meta descriptions. Also, look for descriptions and titles that are an insufficient length.

Better yet, look at what the results page for that page may look like on desktop and mobile devices. This is not for a single page; instead, across hundreds of web pages.

Track your SEO performance

Connect your Google Search Console or Google Analytics accounts to SiteGuru. It’s only one or two clicks, and you’ll be able to turn SiteGuru into your dashboard for SEO.

Be aware of your most crucial keywords, competitors’ websites, Traffic sources, and how your visitors interact on your site. Switch off your tabs and view all SEO information in one location.

Keep track of your SEO performance

Speed of pages and the Vitality of Core Web

The speed of pages is crucial for SEO as well as user experience. Stop looking at every page in isolation. We’ll test hundreds of websites using the Pagespeed API and display the results in a single overview. This can save you time in finding slow websites.

We each week do this, and you’ll know the moment new speed issues are discovered.


Our indexation report lets you know whether Google can find your website or if there’s a technological error that prevents indexing by Google.

It’s even better: connect to your Google Search Console account, and we’ll use Google’s fresh Page Inspect tool to tell you whether Google has spotted your pages as of yet.

So you can monitor how Google is indexing and crawling your website without technical understanding.


Sitemaps are a crucial instrument in the SEO toolbox. How can you tell whether your sitemap is complete, up-to-date, and accurate? It’s the Sitemap Report tells you just that.

We scan your sitemaps and identify broken pages, missing pages, and pages that have been redirected. It is a great tool to enhance your sitemaps and aid in Google indexing your site.

Get Access to Appsumo SiteGuru Deal

Redirects and broken links

Broken links irritate your visitors and can harm your SEO efforts. SiteGuru tests all your internal links to determine whether they are working. We also examine internal redirects and reveal which pages do not have internal links. There’s no better way to swiftly detect problems with links to improve the internal linkage of your website.

Structured Data

Every SEO is aware Structured Data is an excellent method to increase your search engine rankings on Google.

Use the Structured Data Report to find out which pages contain which different kinds of Structured Data and where you could include Schema to increase your site’s visibility.

Canonical URLs

A wrong canonical URL can cause serious SEO damage to your site. Each page’s Canonical Report shows what kind of canonical it is with the following characteristics: no self-referencing or canonical connection to another page. This will help you spot issues with canonicalization and avoid SEO problems.



Suppose you’ve ever conducted an international web SEO audit and seen the nightmare Hreflangs could be. They are essential in making an internet page targeted to the correct people but extremely difficult to achieve.

The Hreflang report shows which pages contain which Hreflangs to aid you in finding out if there are any hidden pages or even languages. A huge time-saver for international SEO.

Headings and page structure

Headings assist search engines in understanding what the page’s content is. Each page will display the structure starting from H1 and up to H6. Pages that do not have an H1 or a variety of H1 are highlighted to help you improve the structure of your page.

Images with no alt text

Alt text for images helps you make your website more accessible and helps Google know the significance of the picture. This Image Report shows you which images don’t have alt text.

OpenGraph data

OpenGraph tags can help make your page be noticed on social platforms. Don’t miss your chance to be noticed. The OpenGraph report highlights websites that do not contain OpenGraph information.

Google Analytics tracking code

Using Google Analytics? You should ensure that you have the code for tracking present at the top of every webpage. This is precisely what the Analytics report will tell you. It provides pages without a tracking code. It works together with Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Internal link

Internal links are essential for SEO. SiteGuru assists you in finding websites that have no or very few internal links. It also helps you identify links that could be useful.

Get Lifetime Access to Appsumo SiteGuru Deal

Robots.txt check

A robots.txt file provides crawling instructions that are for search engine crawlers. However, including one on your website doesn’t need to be recommended. We will check if your website includes the robots.txt file and determine if it’s legitimate.

SiteGuru is compatible with all CMS.

WordPress Drupal, Magento, or custom-built options are all available to us. Whichever CMS you’re using, SiteGuru can perform an SEO analysis on your site.

There are no plugins or server access needed. You need to enter your URL, and we’ll take care of the other details.

How does SiteGuru work?

SiteGuru is a web-optimization tool that assists you in improving the SEO of your site. It provides a detailed analysis of your website’s SEO strengths and weaknesses, as well as helpful tips and advice to help you optimize your site for better search engine visibility.

If you’re unsure how SEO works or if your website needs some help getting found, SiteGuru is the perfect tool for you!


What are the benefits of using SiteGuru?

SiteGuru is an application that will aid you in optimizing your site to be search engine friendly. Here are some of the benefits:

-It will help you identify your top keywords and focus your content on those topics.

-It is a great tool to help increase your site’s ranking on search engine result web pages (SERPs).

-It can also help you identify potential link sources for your website.

-It can help you create 301 redirects to update your website’s URL.

-It can help you identify broken links and improve your website’s SEO.

-It can keep your website current with the most recent web design fashions.

-It is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer.

SiteGuru Appsumo Price for Lifetime $49

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Final Word

If you’re searching for an expert SEO expert to help your site rank higher in search result pages, SiteGuru is your go-to website. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, they know just what it takes to improve your visibility on the web. SiteGuru takes charge of everything from keyword research to the optimization of your site.

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