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Notion can change your workspace into a stunning Docs Site. You can now build Docs or KnowledgeBase Sites using this tool. Using Notion to transform your workspace into a beautiful document website is possible. With Notaku, it’s possible to make Docs and KnowledgeBase Sites.

Make use of Notaku in 3 simple steps:

1. Create your documents in Notion Write your documents in Notion Notion is a fantastic CMS that is perfect for writing your documentation. Your team is already using it to create internal documents. Why not use it to create documents for users as well?

2. Add a Notion page within the Notaku dashboard. You can connect to the Notion page with your Notaku account to create a fantastic static documentation website.

3. Create a website for your Docs/Blogs on your domain. It will make your Notion blog/docs available with stunning design, simple navigation, and a table of content for each page.

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How can you use Notaku?

Documents Notaku converts: Your Notion workspace into an elegant document site.

  • Automatic sidebar and table of contents Navigation in the sidebar and a table of contents are created automatically for every page you have in your concept. This helps your visitors to navigate through the content of your documents.
  • Incredible search experience – Every single one of your Notion pages is indexed and easily searched by your visitors.
  • Built-in feedback collection for every page is equipped with feedback collection buttons that inform you about the most talked about and least liked documents.
  • Docs and Blogs with one subscription. You can also build blogs using the same method.
  • Custom Domains: Use your domain to upload your documents
  • Lightning Fast Sites created optimized for speed by SEO
  • Customizable: Add your links and fonts colors, and much more

Blogs: Create a complete blog website using Notion

  • Notaku utilizes the Notion database for hosting blog posts.
  • Create your content with your domain Notaku lets you set up blogs on your domain name and personal Notion content.

Changelogs: Create a quick changelog website using Notion.

  • It is the easiest method to keep your customers informed about your product. Share new product announcements with your users and tell them what’s new.
  • You own your content, and on your domain Notaku lets you create and update a log website using your domain and Notion content.

Notion Icons Generator: It is easy to add icons for the Notion workspace.

  • Create your Notion workspace attractive by automatically creating appropriate images for the pages you manage.

Take your Notaku license today and start making beautiful blogs and knowledgebases using Your Notion workspace.

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Notaku lifetime deal

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