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It is an app that lets you build a smartpage to host all your links and track performance from your mobile phone. By creating a smartpage, you can keep all of your links in one place, and see how each one performs.

You can also use it to create custom reports on which links perform best for you. So if you’re looking for an easy way to track your online marketing performance, check out it!


What is LinkTube?

LinkTube is a new app that lets you easily create a smartpage to host all your links and track performance right from your mobile phone.

This is perfect for bloggers who want to keep all their links in one place and make it easy to see which ones perform best. LinkTube also has some great features for SEOers, like tracking backlinks and finding out which domains are linking to your site.

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How LinkTube Works

LinkTube is a new link management tool that lets you easily create and manage smartpages to host all your links and track performance right from your mobile phone.

Simply add your links, configure settings, and let It take care of the rest- including tracking traffic, ranking, and analytics. Plus, LinkTube is free to use!


Short View

  • Create a portfolio of smart pages which can be used to host unlimited links. It also displays your brand’s logo on your mobile phone.
  • Alternatives to and Linktree
  • Track clickthrough rates, study engagement patterns, and then run ads that retarget customers to increase sales.
  • Ideal for Content creators, marketing agencies, and e-commerce stores who want to direct traffic to their websites to various URLs


LinkTube Features Overview

LinkTube lets you create smart pages to host your entire links and keep track of the mobile device’s performance.

Custom-designed Templates

  • It lets you create a smartpage and host all your hyperlinks–without any programming.
  • To start, select among the templates, and add links to the text placeholder fields.
  • Customize the page to match your brand with customized color, fonts, backgrounds, images, and thumbnails.
  • Additionally, you can include endless URLs to social media channels, embedded texts, videos, and direct messaging links, So all your data is contained in only one URL!
  • LinkTube comes with premium, custom-designed templates. This means you can design your smartpage in only two clicks.

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Monitor the clickthrough rat

  • It also records clicks! You can now evaluate the performance of each link and see what’s driving the greatest engagement.
  • Each user who visits your page is added to your audience list, making it easy to redirect their attention to your site and boost engagement.
  • Furthermore, LinkTube allows you to integrate remarketing pixels with the most popular advertising platforms and advertise to your customers without hassle for your sales staff.
  • Monitor the clickthrough rate for your content to increase the number of people who engage and increase sales.


Promote your portfolio of business

  • You’ll be able to create and edit the smartpage via your mobile phone, which means you can remove your laptop to work practically anywhere.
  • It also has a user-friendly interface that allows you to align products, content, and services using tiles, buttons, and cards.
  • You could also place items with price tags in the form of a carousel to boost the visibility of your shopfront and increase sales.
  • Promote your business portfolio using LinkTube’s custom smartpage to ensure that your content is found by its intended public.


Expand and monitor your business’s

  • It can also allow you to completely personalize your CTAs and other smartpages, ensuring that each aspect of your Smartpage can be customized to meet your needs.
  • Select breathtaking animations and countdown times to attract new users and increase the clickthrough rate.
  • You can use the dynamic feed feature via the dashboard. It will automatically update hyperlinks with the latest information from YouTube, WordPress, and Shopify.
  • Additionally, It offers third-party integrations with popular tools such as Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and Zapier to simplify your workflow.
  • It can be described as a full tool designed to help you expand and monitor your business’s performance on every device you use.
  • When trying to split your customers’ attention between multiple websites, it’s difficult to grow your business.
  • It lets you create a shared URL that combines your offerings for business and provides analytics from your mobile.

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