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Before successfully developing, managing, and publishing a website or blog post, you need to research topics related to your content. That’s the purpose of KeywordSearch – it will help you find more relevant information than ever before.

KeywordSearch Deal Features Overview

  1. Find high-ranking keywords and YouTube channels to find video placements that you can use in your ad campaigns
  2. Alternative to vidIQ or Ahrefs
  3. Research in bulk, and then organize the data into targeted collections
  4. Ideal for: YouTubers and content creators. Marketing agencies want to increase YouTube’s ad revenue through smart keyword research.
  5. Similar categories: SEO, Marketing, Social Media
  6. Keyword Search is an AI suite that allows you to search high-ranking keywords and videos on YouTube.
  7. You can now grow your YouTube channel with AI. AI will help you find laser-targeted keywords which rank high in YouTube search results.
  8. Keyword Search allows you to scrape YouTube looking for keywords, video placements, and other actionable data that will help you build your YouTube strategy.
  9. Enter a keyword to generate an extensive list of keywords s.
  10. This will enable you to spot trends and identify keyword opportunities that will get you noticed on the platform.
  11. Search high-ranking YouTube keywords to uncover actionable insights such as search volume and trends.
  12. Keyword Search uses natural-language processing models to locate keywords similar to those you are targeting. This includes phrases and words related to specific topics.
  13. View similarity scores for every keyword to quickly add keywords to your YouTube videos.
  14. You can create, export, and add to collections regardless of whether you are searching for keywords or competitor research.
  15. You can save your favorite results to custom collections and conduct bulk research.
  16. Find keywords that are related to yours and save them from bulking collections.
  17. Keyword Search also gives you access to competitor information that will help you optimize your YouTube ad strategy.
  18. You can use the extensive YouTube advertising library to track keywords and ad spending histories for other advertisers within your vertical.
  19. You can search for keywords and industries to see all the top-ranking YouTube ads.
  20. You can view the complete list of keywords targeted by competitors in just a few mouse clicks.
  21. Use YouTube to track competitors and collect campaign data. This will help you optimize your advertising strategy.
  22. Keyword Search makes it easy to locate the best video placements and keeps tabs on competitors’ channels. This saves you hours of tedious research.
  23. Find video placements for YouTube ads related to any keyword. This will help you increase your ROI.
  24. Scroll endlessly through high-ranking videos and copy any link to your next ad placement campaign.
  25. With the Zapier integration, you can connect Keyword Search with all your favorite apps and streamline your research workflows.
  26. Search for specific keywords to find top-ranking placements in YouTube ads.
  27. It can feel like you are shouting “like and subscribe” into a void when you don’t get enough views on YouTube. This is my least favorite type of begging.
  28. Keyword Search will take care of keyword research so that you can optimize your YouTube strategy.

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KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal


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