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Traditional models of education are no longer relevant. Students are leaving college with more debt than ever before and aren’t finding the jobs they’ll need to pay off the debt. Employers say recent graduates lack the qualifications required to succeed in their fields.

Graphy platform gives educators worldwide everything they require to develop and market online courses without investing in costly software or developers.

The community at Graphy, including creators, is here to assist and expand your business.


  • Build your school online quickly and begin selling your digital classes.
  • Graphy is an Alternative to Teachable, Mighty Networks, Podia, Hotmart, and Kajabi.
  • Graphy is operated and owned by Unacademy – A $3.44 billion business.
  • The best choice for digital creators, Solopreneurs, Course sellers, freelancers, small- and medium-sized companies, and agencies who want to grow their clients or business through the sale of courses.

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Critical Stats:

  • The market for online education is predicted to grow to $197.64 Billion, with an estimated 22.7 percent CAGR. (Source: Market Research Future)
  • It is estimated that 2024 in 2024, the US market for eLearning will be growing by$21.64 billion. (Source: think impact)
  • The global online platform for the learning market is projected to grow by 11% from 2020 until 2025. (Source: think impact)
  • It is thought that K-12 represents 40% of the U.S. EdTech market. (Source: think impact)
  • The US represented around 43 percent of the total market. (Source: think impact)


In just three steps:

  1. Create online courses:

Creating web-based courses that appear stunning and easy to use is difficult.

Most online courses are old-fashioned, cumbersome, and hard to navigate. They’re also costly, so you’ll need to charge students a significant amount for your classes.

Graphy is the answer.

Graphics makes it simple to create stunning online courses that your students will enjoy. Additionally, our prices are affordable for all.

  1. Create beautiful websites with no code:

You’re looking to create an online website for your course development platform, but you do not know what to do, or the idea of learning scares you.

Creating an online digital course website appears to be an overwhelming job. You not only have to master the art of programming and design, but you also have to understand the hosting, design, and everything else involved in creating the website.

Graphy has the answer for you. With Graphy’s simple-to-use course creation tool, it is possible to design websites for your online school without having any programming knowledge. Additionally, their expert team will be there to assist you with any queries or issues you might face.

  1. Launch Your Mobile App:

The majority of digital schools or platforms currently have no mobile apps.

People want to access more of their content through their phones, but without a mobile application, this limits the potential of a course creator or an organization.

Graphy solves the issue. Graphy can assist you in creating your white-label mobile app to make the app to your Google and the App Store.

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Graphy Features Overview

  • Teaching Multimedia Courses: Live-teach, utilize pre-recorded videos, or enroll in audio-first courses. It’s entirely up to you.
  • Analyze the impact of your teaching: Examine your course’s effectiveness by offering your students questions, tests in real-time, and assignments.
  • Your logo: We give you white-labeled websites and the option to create your iOS or Android mobile applications. Please use our pre-defined templates and themes to give an extra spark to your business.
  • Your mobile apps: Learners can join life, access your course materials, and take advantage of offline content access.
  • Paying gateways: Sell internationally using Stripe & Razorpay.
  • Create country-specific pricing: Sell your courses worldwide, and accept the payment based on the learner’s currency.
  • Converts at every step: Sell unlimited courses, personalize your checkout page and enjoy a seamless payments experience.
  • Keep track of your data easily: Get reports that help keep track of your course’s performance, sales, and bandwidth usage. They are also available for download.
  • Enhance SEO: Drive natural traffic to your blog through meta tags, Meta tags, keywords, and clean.
  • Offer the most attractive deals: You can generate promo coupons and discount codes. Additionally, you can increase the price and cross-sell your courses as well.
  • Automating your work: Connect your tools of choice and speed through your tasks.
  • Create the affiliate programs of your choice: Transform your learners into affiliate partners and increase your sales. Additionally, you can keep track of the affiliate’s performance via the affiliate dashboard, and your affiliate partners can monitor their commissions.
  • Content encryption: Control access to content by logging in and authentication for logins (content encryption token protection).
  • Dynamic watermarking: on videos as well as PDFs makes your content inaccessible to sharing.
  • Multichannel messaging: Reach out to your students via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and push notifications.
  • Create a drip course: Enable your content’s availability for a duration. You can also choose an expiration date for your course’s content.


What is the reason companies are choosing Graphy over other options:

  • A very modern LMS is available on the internet.
  • Created by Unacademy, the $3.4 billion business, more than $50 million in revenue was made via the platform.
  • Over 5 million learners are taking classes through this platform.
  • There are 86 countries represented.

Best part? The most competitive price. Join this new era as well. $197.64 billion in marketable services to earn income from your talents and skills.

The Graphy app is now available as an annual deal for a short period so get it while the deal is available.

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