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Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming data collection and hello to GoZen Forms! This innovative software streamlines the process by providing dynamic templates that create questions and results based on user data. But it doesn’t stop there! With integrated real-time analytics, you can keep a close eye on your survey performance and make adjustments on the fly. Whether you’re a busy professional or just looking for an efficient way to collect data, GoZen Forms is the perfect solution. And right now, it’s available at a lifetime deal on AppSumo – don’t miss out on this opportunity to simplify your data collection process!

What is GoZen Forms?

In this age of technology, the need to collect data has become increasingly complicated. As a result, you cannot always trust surveys and forms or career-focused assessments that rely on standard software.

GoZen Forms includes dynamic templates for no-code data collection through surveys, form fields, and quizzes and also offers real-time insights into the information collected with an intuitive dashboard. It allows users to quickly create custom surveys, forms, and quizzes with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools.

With GoZen, users can quickly collect data from their customers or employees without having to code or spend hours filling out forms manually. Plus, with real-time insights, GoZen helps managers track and analyze data in real time.

GoZen Forms is Alternative to SurveySparrow and Typeform.

It is best for eCommerce, Marketing agencies, and Small businesses.

Get Lifetime Access to GoZen on Appsumo

How do GoZen Forms work?

When you create a project in GoZen Forms, you are given a set of premade survey questions and forms. These templates can be customized to meet your needs and quickly design forms, surveys, or tests.

Once you have created your project, you can use GoZen Forms’ real-time insights to see how users respond to your surveys and forms. You can also see the breakdown of responses by gender, age, location, etc. This will help you make informed decisions on the best ways to improve your work.

What are GoZen Forms Features?

GoZen form is a builder of forms that makes data collection simpler by using dynamic templates and real-time information. It has many features to streamline data collection, including customizable forms, surveys, and quizzes; a drag-and-drop interface; automatic form submission; pre-built reports; and dashboards.

Create Responsive Forms

The Ultimate Solution for Responsive Web-Based Forms. Create custom forms from scratch or select from our extensive library of over 180 industry-specific templates, including registration forms, customer surveys, and more. With GoZen, lead generation has never been easier – simply plug-and-play with the content you need and start collecting data. Distribute your forms seamlessly across multiple platforms, whether you want to display them on your website or send them directly via email links. Experience the power of responsive forms with GoZen today.

No-Code Build

Unleash the Power of Dynamic Forms with GoZen’s No-Code Builder. Say goodbye to coding and hello to endless possibilities with our online form builder that makes it easy to create interactive and engaging forms. Choose from hundreds of pre-made themes, or design your own using custom fields, fonts, background images, and color schemes. Best of all, you can save your custom themes for later use, streamlining your form creation process for future projects. Increase engagement and make time-saving changes with GoZen’s no-code form builder.


Create Dynamic Survey

Transform Your Surveys with GoZen’s Dynamic Survey Builder. Make the most of your interactions by utilizing our conditional logic to create surveys that are relevant and efficient. Our skip logic feature allows you to follow up with only the questions that matter based on the responses received. With access to over 20 types of fields, you can gather the data you need from your target audience. Go beyond traditional surveys and request blog posts, images, files, and other forms of content for even deeper insights. Get started with dynamic surveys today and make every interaction count with GoZen.

Get Lifetime Access to Appsumo GoZen Forms Deal

Analise in Real-Time

Gain Insights in Real-Time with GoZen’s Analytics. Monitor and analyze your form results like never before with our integrated analytics. Stay on top of responses as they come in, track completion rates, and manage forms in progress from a single dashboard. Create custom shared workspaces for your team, and streamline your workflow even further by integrating with popular applications like Stripe, Google Sheets, and Mailchimp. With GoZen Forms, you can gain valuable insights in real-time and make informed decisions. Get started today and take control of your form analytics.

It takes much more effort to draw leads than snag your cat’s attention.

GoZen Forms lets you create personalized interactive online surveys, quizzes, and surveys that draw the highest quality prospects in any scenario. Find out what questions people would like to be answered.

GoZen Forms Appsumo Price $69

GoZen is offering a lifetime deal on Appsumo. It will be a money saver for you because you will pay once and get access for a lifetime. You will get an extra 10% discount if you are a new user. Get Lifetime Access to GoZen Forms on Appsumo

Gozen form appsumo price


If you’re searching for an instrument that can make collecting data and creating forms simple, GoZen Forms is worth looking into. This software features dynamic templates that make creating custom surveys, forms, and quizzes easy without learning coding skills. GoZen Forms Deal

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