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When you’re trying to fix all the bugs on your mobile app, it feels impossible when you’re sorting through vague complaints. One way to do that is by using tools and methods to help you track and analyze your work. But what if you don’t have the budget or resources to hire a full-time mobile developer?

Or what if you don’t have any Mobile Developers on your team? In that case, it’s important to use bugs submitted by users and testers to get a good idea of how your app is performing.  

What is Gleap?

Bug fixing is an important part of software development, but it can be a time-consuming process.  Gleap is a bug-fixing tool that makes it easier for developers to identify and fix errors in their code.

This tool can help prevent the destruction of hard work and speed up the development process. It can be used by any developer but is especially useful to intermediate-level programmers who are new to version control or have recently moved into a team that uses it.

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Improve bug fixes faster by using visual reports and feedback from customers.



Gleap is a development tool that assists you in fixing bugs more quickly with visual reports and allows you to solicit feedback to design better features.

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Developers, Software teams, and Project managers

Gleap For Lifetime

Appsumo Gleap Features Overview

Gleap can be a revolutionary software. Gleap is a game-changing tool that is compatible with mobile and the web and is integrated directly into your application using only a few lines of code. With the feedback widget, you’ll allow users and testers to submit bugs directly on the page they’re experiencing issues.

They can screen record to show the exact problem and can even capture and annotate screenshots for better clarity. You’ll be able instantly to create an image-based bug report using the replay of your video and images, which will allow you to squash the bug before moving towards completing the rest of your task list.

A simple-to-install plugin transforms user feedback into visually-based bug reports, which means you can address them quickly. Gleap can capture all the technical data, such as the browser, device, and operating system being used, and in-network and console logs for each incident.

Alongside the bug-catching features, this application comes with integrations to the most popular applications like Slack, Jira, Zapier, and HubSpot, which will streamline the entire process. You’ll be able to transmit bugs into your software for project management in real-time, reducing the time spent on manual data entry and making it quicker.

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Developers, Software teams, and Project managers

Furthermore, you can assign team members to handle issues and respond to messages to ensure that nothing gets lost in the gaps. Gleap integrates seamlessly with the tools you already have, making it possible to create an integrated development process.

Modify the design of the feedback widget to make it a fully-branded experience that is like an extension of your website. Utilize Gleap’s pre-set menu options or customize your commands, and then tailor the feedback flow to meet the specific needs of your users.

Because of the mobile’s dynamic capabilities, users can activate the feedback flow by shaking their phones and taking a picture or pressing the button. Additionally, your development team may choose to be notified by email whenever crashes or rage clicks are discovered.

From style and visuals to feedback functions, Your widget can be customized by how it is designed. The best part is that Gleap makes it simple for customers to request a feature directly through your Feedback widget.

Contact users privately to inform them that they’re being worked on and post your feature request board with the public so that customers can vote on the updates they’d like the most. It is also possible to initiate surveys to get specific information with customized questions or Gleap’s pre-designed templates.

gleap lifetime dealGleap Features

Track responses using a simple dashboard and then utilize the data to make decisions about development based on customer feedback. Public survey boards and feature request boards will reveal precisely what your customers are looking for, and you will be able to keep their content.

Everyone isn’t perfect, but you’d like your app to be pretty close to being perfect. With Gleap, you’ll receive visual reports that eliminate the guesswork from discovering and fixing bugs, making it easier to design products that customers want.


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$59 For Lifetime

5 projects 3 mo data retention Remove Gleap branding

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$129 For Lifetime

30 projects 6 mo data retention Remove Gleap branding


Gleap is a platform that provides users with visual reports that take the guesswork out of finding and fixing bugs.

The platform provides users with a dashboard that displays all of the issues that have been reported, as well as those that are still open. Gleap also allows users to assign different priority levels to each issue, so they can quickly find and fix the most important problems.

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