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Flotiq is a platform that helps businesses create compliant APIs. It offers API templates and project templates that could be utilized to develop content for various platforms and channels. This content can then be shared across different channels and platforms, making it easier for people to understand and use the APIs.

Additionally, Flotiq offers sandboxes and SDKs that businesses can use to test their APIs before launching them.

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Create content using Jamstack templates for projects and make use of the API documentation, sandboxes, and shareable APIs and SDKs.



The Flotiq CMS is headless, which allows your team to make and share content through various channels, using auto-generated and conforming APIs.

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New Buyer Only

Alternative To:

Strapi, Netlify, and Contentful

Best For:

Web designers, Developers, and creators

Flotiq For Lifetime

Appsumo Flotiq Deal Features Overview

Flotiq assists you in communicating important information within your company, between teams, and across different platforms using an OpenAPI-first CMS. Simply specify the data model you want to use or the types of content in the form below, and the platform will create a customized API that lets you begin sharing content immediately.

Develop API keys to define API access for your company and allow you to grant or deny access to users within a couple of clicks. With Flotiq, the team can create and publish content to any platform using automated APIs.

Once you’ve added new types of content to the platform, you’ll have immediate access to tools that will help distribute content internally and throughout the web. Flotiq will automatically create webhooks compatible with platforms like Zapier, Microsoft Power Platform Postman, and Microsoft Power Platform. Postman.

Alternative to

Strapi, Netlify, and Contentful

Best For

Web designers, Developers, and creators

You can easily post your API documentation, sandboxes, and API documents, Sandboxes along with SDK package code, to your developers. for the developers you employ. The IDE will be capable of instantly consolidating all of the code, meaning there is no effort for your developers or content team.

Flotiq generates code that allows you to integrate with other tools to take CMS capabilities to the next step. Flotiq assists you in creating content that is unique using lots of free boilerplates and starters that you can use for Jamstack projects with no additional code.

Explore templates for blogs and portfolios, online stores, and schedules for events. There are templates to create iOS or Android apps! You’ll be able to make and publish complicated forms that automatically update when you change the type of content.

You can also create your content If your team is already well-established.

flotiq lifetime dealFlotiq Appsumo

Discover a library with free content templates that allow you to publish content without having to edit every code. Host content to the platform without worrying about servers outside. The modern Jamstack method reduces costs, improves security, and speeds up development.

It is possible to provide your team with an extremely simple, modern user interface that allows them to access versions of content as well as advanced search filters and custom data views. If you’re looking to transfer your content from a less active CMS, make use of the tool to move hundreds of pages in a short time.

Your development and content teams have access to various options from the user-friendly dashboard. The search for the CMS suitable for your development and content staff is similar to winning twice at the lottery.

Flotiq offers your teams everything they require to create compliant APIs, making it easy to share and reuse content everywhere.


License Tier 1

$69 For Lifetime

3 users 4M API calls per month 25,000 objects 20 scoped API keys 1 GB file quota

License Tier 2

$129 For Lifetime

6 users 8M API calls per month 50,000 objects 50 scoped API keys 2 GB file quota

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