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The DMARC report is one of the most important reports in an email marketing campaign. It helps protect your email domains from fraud, helps improve your compliance with enterprise-level reporting requirements, and helps to improve delivery and deliverability. This article will show you how to generate and use a DMARC report for your email marketing campaigns.

What is DMARC?

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) is an email authentication, reporting, and conformance protocol. DMARC helps to protect email domains against fraud and helps improve compliance and deliverability with enterprise-level reporting. DMARC is an open standard that any email service provider can implement.

DMARC relies on the sending domain’s DNS records to identify whether messages were sent from authorized sources. If the sending domain fails to properly configure its DNS records, malicious or unauthorized actors could send emails that appear to come from the legitimate sender, thereby tricking recipients into handing over sensitive information or making fraudulent online transactions.

DMARC is an important protocol for businesses of all sizes because it helps protect the integrity of their email communications and keeps their customers safe.

Short View

  • Use human-friendly tools for reporting to identify email spoofing, phishing, and forging domains while enhancing deliverability.
  • An alternative to OnDMARC, PowerDMARC, and DMARC Analyzer
  • Create a white-label solution that will track client domains using real-time alerts and a simple-to-use dashboard.
  • Ideal for: Email marketers, IT professionals, and other agencies who require an easy method to monitor their domains’ security and improve their senders’ reputation.

DMARC Report Deal Features Overview

DMARC Report protects email domains from fraudulent use and helps increase compliance and accessibility by providing reports that are designed for enterprise.

Keep Track of Several Domains

  • Using DMARC Report, it’s simple to examine email configurations for suspicious activities and block non-compliant emails before they get to inboxes.
  • This powerful tool can create several domains for your customers or company and provide you with powerful analytics using the user-friendly dashboard.
  • You can secure outbound emails to protect your sender’s reputation and implement strict filtering rules for inbound emails.
  • Keep track of several domains using the enterprise-level analytics dashboard for reporting.

Get Lifetime Access to DMARC Report

Access Information

  • It automatically produces the aggregate and forensic reports which track any DMARC failures in your domains.
  • If suspicious activity is discovered, DMARC Report will send alerts about threats to every email address required to be kept informed.
  • Access incident information, including email content and metadata for an email, to quickly investigate the IP address that is malicious and fix security issues.
  • With total control over the management of your team and team management, you’ll be able to configure reports for various teams and individuals and let everyone take action swiftly.
  • Access human-friendly reports about any DMARC issues, as well as in the raw email data.

DKIM Record

  • DMARC Report also offers the subdomain auto-discovery, which can help find out the DKIM records that send messages on behalf of these domains.
  • Simply set the timer for updates or set up automatic alerts to be aware of the latest subdomains and ensure that you are able to address security concerns quickly.
  • You could also leverage your Mail Transfer Agent Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) protocols that protect your messages from being intercepted and keep common threats in your mailbox.
  • It is easy to track messages through each DKIM record from the comprehensive page of summary pages for domains.

Track of the Activity of Domains

  • You can utilize DMARC Report to build special data portals for clients that can access report data independently.
  • Include your brand logo as well as your domain’s name to create white-label platforms that you are able to resell to your customers.
  • For internal or client domains, you’ll have access to an in-depth view of all emails and keep track of new sending sources.
  • The Timeline keeps track of the activity of domains, which means you’re always informed of developments and warnings.
  • A comprehensive DMARC report keeps each of your domains safe from cyber-attacks, and we’re talking about all of them.
  • DMARC Report helps you protect any domain from security threats using strong reporting capabilities and real-time alerts – all on the same user-friendly platform.

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Benefits of DMARC Reporting

DMARC is one of an email provider’s most important measures to protect their customers and business from fraudulent activity. DMARC helps to improve compliance and deliverability with enterprise-level reporting. Here are some of the benefits of DMARC:

1. DMARC protects email domains against fraud.

DMARC can help to identify spam, phishing, and malicious emails and prevent them from being delivered to your customers. By using DMARC, you can help to protect your email domain from being used for fraudulent activities.

2. DMARC provides more accurate enforcement of anti-spam policies.

DMARC helps to enforce anti-spam policies by providing a way to track and trace spam emails. This information can then be used to improve your anti-spam strategy.

3. DMARC helps to improve message delivery rates.

DMARC can help to improve message delivery rates by identifying and blocking messages that may be blocked due to spam or phishing content. This can help to improve the overall performance of your email system.

DMARC Report Lifetime Deal

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