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Sometimes it can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming to find a contact. Fortunately, there are tools like CloudSponge that make finding contacts easier. In this article, we’ll review their service and outline its pros and cons so you can decide whether or not to try it for yourself!


What is CloudSponge?

CloudSponge is a tool for choosing contacts that let users access their address books and personalize referral emails directly on your website. It is ideal for Marketing teams and eCommerce developers, growth hackers, and business owners looking to increase email opt-ins.

CloudSponge lets you include email addresses in any referral scheme without leaving your site. Enter the addresses for those you would like to refer, and CloudSponge will handle the rest. In addition, you can mail an email message to everyone simultaneously or as a series. CloudSponge includes a helpful reference guide, so you’re always on top of your referral program.


CloudSponge Is Alternative to

CloudSponge is a contact picker that works with the CloudSponge contacts picker and offers an excellent option to replace the Chrome Contact Picker API and Improsys Contact Import. It’s fast, simple to use, and integrates with your site quickly and easily. It lets you access your address books right from your site, making referral email customization easy.

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CloudSponge is Best For

The CloudSponge referral email tool is a great way for marketing teams to personalize their referral emails and increase the chances of getting new customers. Growth hackers can use CloudSponge to identify new traffic sources, and eCommerce developers can create referral programs that are easy to set up and manage.

CloudSponge provides a powerful contact manager as it allows users to access their address books and personalize referral emails directly on your website.


Features of CloudSponge 

CloudSponge is a web-based application that gives users the ability to store their data in the cloud. The app has various features, including sharing files with other CloudSponge users and accessing them from anywhere.  CloudSponge also offers secure storage for files and the option to add password protection to individual files.


Connect to Address Book

With CloudSponge, users can immediately connect their address book with your site to create easy-to-referrals. There is no need to manually type names, upload, copy/paste, or upload. Incorporate the contact picker icon into your existing form for referrals. If users click, they are able to choose their preferred provider and sign in to select the contacts they wish to share with.

You can also add deep links that allow users to navigate directly from your website into the sign-in page of an address book specific to them, such as Google, Yahoo, Office 365, or You can even modify the contact picker’s appearance to match your brand. The contact picker allows people to connect to their address book to start using it in just a few minutes.

CloudSponge Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Invite to Join or Filter Contacts

Within the Contact Picker Inside the Contact Picker, you can look up the exact names you’d like to reference and search for the domain name, inviting all of your contacts of a business. CloudSponge gathers information about recipients for you to customize your “From,” “To,” and “Subject” fields on all outgoing emails to ensure that potential customers be aware of who they referred them to.

Since the recipients will be able to discern that the recommendation came from an individual they trust, These referrals can boost the rate of open and boost conversion rates. It’s simple to invite contacts to join your list. Just look up specific contacts or filter them by the email address.

CloudSponge Appsumo Lifetime Deal


Monitor Performance

You can use the track to track each stage of your sharing workflow CloudSponge’s analytics dashboard. It shows stats for the week, day, and even by month. Track engagement using an engagement funnel which shows how many people have used contact picker ContactPicker connected their address book and made contact.

Additionally, you’ll be able to look up specific campaign performance metrics with visual graphs and determine the areas your campaign needs to focus on to increase referrals. Monitor performance using an integrated dashboard and use the data to increase the effectiveness of referrals.

CloudSponge Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Get Lifetime Access to CloudSponge on Appsumo 

Integrate Various Software And Language

The best part is that CloudSponge can be used in a multitude of languages which means you can contact people across the world to expand the reach of your network. The tool can meet any possible use scenario since it comes loaded with software integrations such as Zapier WooCommerce, Gather, WordPress, and Bubble.

You can also plug the Contact Picker on crowdfunding websites to contact potential donors or make it possible to invite people to events or social networks. CloudSponge is also provided, which simplifies your sharing process by sharing anything with your contacts. from a list of wishes and registrations to coupons, newsletters, and other information for your friends.

CloudSponge can adapt to your needs by integrating various software and language integrations. Using random words of mouth to be a sales tool could result in a huge game of phone. CloudSponge simplifies your referral process by letting users connect their address book to personalize email messages from your site.

CloudSponge Appsumo Lifetime Deal $59

CloudSponge is a great tool for organizing your addresses and referrals. You can use it to streamline referrals and optimize your word-of-mouth strategy. CloudSponge has a Lifetime Deal on appsumo, which will save you money.

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CloudSponge Last Word

CloudSponge is a fantastic contact picker that allows users to customize the emails of referrals directly on your website. Not only this, but it also offers a few other nifty features like the ability to include coupons in referrals and integration with Shopify’s Order Form addon for easy checkout processes.

If you’re looking to take your referral emailing game up a notch, CloudSponge is definitely worth considering!

Get Lifetime Access to CloudSponge on Appsumo 

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