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Captain data Lifetime Deal
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Whoever claimed that repetition is the key to learning did not spend time pulling data from various sources. However, if you can’t hire an engineer to automate the process for you, and the data tools are too difficult to use, what can you do? It would be nice to have an easy way to enrich and extract the data with no spreadsheet formulas, complex installation, or coding expertise–just cut, paste, or click.

What is Captain Data?

As businesses grow and data becomes ever more complex, extracting the valuable information required to make informed decisions becomes increasingly difficult. This is where Captain Data comes in, providing a no-code automation platform that makes extracting data easy and efficient.

With its intuitive user interface and numerous features, Captain Data can help your business streamline processes and make better decisions.

Captain data is an Alternative to Phantombuster 

Captains Data is a new alternative to Phantombuster that promises to be faster, easier, and more efficient. Captains Data claims to be able to extract data from the web with ease and provide users with a wealth of information on their chosen topic. According to the creators of Captains Data, the app was designed with speed and efficiency in mind, allowing users to extract data without having to sift through pages of information quickly.

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Captain data is Best for 

Digital agencies, sales and marketing teams, and solopreneurs looking to start their businesses can benefit from using Captain data. This platform allows users to collect and analyze a wealth of customer data in real-time, making it an essential tool for understanding customer behavior and improving business results.

Features of Captain Data

Captain Data is a no-code automation platform that makes data extraction and enrichment easy. With Captain Data, you can quickly and easily extract the information you need from your data sources. Captain Data is versatile and can be used to extract data from any source, including text files, databases, and web pages.


Captain Data is built for people who aren’t tech-savvy, so you don’t have to be a programmer or growth hacker to benefit from the potential of data from the web. You can select from various multiple-tasking templates for workflows, Single-step automation, more than 20 native integrations, and more than 25 datasets from Google Maps to LinkedIn.

Set up your workflow in under two minutes, even if you are unfamiliar with automation tools.


Through Captain Data, you’ll be capable of effortlessly connecting to tools that you already utilize like Excel spreadsheets, CRMs, and social networks through the API key and native connectors. Connect your accounts with one click and utilize them in different workflows to increase the size of your operation as you expand.

Furthermore, Captain Data centralizes your team’s accounts for every integration, which means that any one member of your team can quickly create automation in a matter of moments. You can also make accounts for people who are not part of your group and not have them have the ability to access your Captain Data account.

Appsumo Captain Data Lifetime Deal


Automation can be difficult for those trying to adhere to the limits of an application all by themselves. Captain Data is a great solution. Captain Data, each integration comes with its own set of limitations. When you create a workflow, the platform calculates every aspect for you and even detects the kind of LinkedIn account you’re using and automatically adjusts the limitations.

Access every detail of every input, including detailed explanations of errors as well as proxies specifically created for every account you create. Need help getting started? Captain Data’s easy-to-follow guide will guide you through the steps of making fresh configurations.

World Class API

The world-class API of the tool allows integration to be so seamless and easy that you can create entire applications using Captain Data! Make and edit accounts through the API and track the account’s usage as time passes. You can also start the workflow using many inputs or one by one.

You’ll have the ability to get results of polls in real-time by using webbooks in any workflow that triggers them based on job performance and failure.

Appsumo Captain Data Lifetime Deal

Captain Data Pricing

Captain data have three plan Professional, Growth, and Enterprise

Professional $49/ month

  • 20 Multi-steps workflows
  • $49 per additional user
  • Magic Link – Shareable authentication

Growth $399/month billed annually

  • Unlimited Multi-steps workflows
  • 5 users included
  • CRM Integrations

Enterprise $2500/month billed annually

  • Unlimited workflows & premium sources
  • Unlimited number of accounts (from 50)
  • Custom price & ramp-up offers

You can choose the official price or Captain Data For Lifetime

appsumo captain data lifetime dealCaptain Data Official Price

Captain Data For Lifetime on Appsumo $99 

The Captain Data Deal $99 for lifetime is a great deal for anyone looking to automate their data extraction process. Captain Data is a no-code automation platform that makes data extraction and management easy. With Captain Data, you can extract data from any source, including text, emails, and PDFs. You can also use Captain Data to create custom reports and charts.

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Benefits Of  Appsumo Captain Data For Lifetime

  • Lifetime access to Captain data
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited seats
  • Dedicated IPs for each account
  • Access to native integrations
  • Access to pre-made templates
  • Unlimited automation in parallel
  • Live chat
  • Compatibility with Zapier, Integromat, and
  • Complete API access
  • Webhooks

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Captain Data Conclusion 

You are automating your workflow, maybe like viewing The Exorcist alone when you’re not a programmer.

Captain Data Captain Data, you can add and enhance data to automate processes such as lead generation without having any programming knowledge or a nightmare spreadsheet formula.

Enhance your business by implementing ready-made automation.

Get Access to Captain Data for lifetime today!


How do you define workflow?

The term “workflow” refers to steps that include one or several automated tasks (s) or steps. We don’t consider each step; however, we count the entire workflow. There is no limit to how many steps. You can save, create and reuse unlimited workflow configurations, which we call Jobs.

What’s the task?

Each of the results returned by a workflow task is counted as one task. If you’ve got a workflow consisting of two steps, let’s say that one step is a Google search with 10 results. The second step is to visit the 10 profiles. This is 20 steps, and you’ll have 10 results at the end.

One thousand tasks roughly correspond to 20 minutes.

What is an individual user?

A user could be the one who owns the project and one of your employees or an external customer. The roles you assign to each of them are entirely up to you. Our pricing plans provide you with an unspecified amount of users. However, you can expand your number by utilizing the addition of add-ons.

Each additional user will earn you an additional 10,000 tasks. If you’re an Agency or a Growth Team, we suggest that you sign up for our Growth plan as it includes more users as well as an automation expert who can assist you in setting up your workspace!

What is email enhancement?

Email enrichment lets you look up emails. Each search results in one credit. You may not always locate an email address – it’s in no way 100% precise. Also, no email finder can be 100% accurate.

If you require more emails, You can always use another email discoverer, such as Dropcontact and many more, and you can even mix them up into waterfalls.

What exactly is Magic Link – Shareable authentication?

This feature allows you to create integration accounts for external users. Let’s say you’re an agent that has several clients. You do not want to manage credentials or complicated procedures for automating lead generation data enrichment.

By sharing accounts, anyone who is not part of your Captain Data’s workspace can sync all types of accounts regardless of whether it’s LinkedIn as well as Hubspot CRM.

Do you have a trial offer of paid plans?

Yes! Each plan includes a 14 days trial for free. Beginning with an early stage, our Customer support team will assist you in making the most of your platform.

Do I have to learn what it takes to program?

No. If you can press a button, you’ll be good.

Get Access to Appsumo Captain Data for Lifetime today!

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