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In the early days of blogging, it was easy to create a post and watch it quickly rank on Google for different keywords. However, as the world of blogging has evolved, it has become increasingly difficult to stay competitive in search results. From search engine optimization and keyword discovery, to editing content, there are now software solutions for every aspect of your blog’s journey. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming to navigate.

Additionally, with the rise of mobile and the need for fast-loading websites, creating a blog post that looks perfect across different screen sizes is crucial. This is where Blogely comes in. Blogely is an all-in-one research, writing, publishing, and optimization platform that aims to make the process of creating and publishing a blog post as seamless as possible. In this Blogely review, we’ll take a closer look at whether or not this platform offers enough to convince users to make the switch.


What Is Blogely?

Introducing Blogely, an all-in-one platform for content creation and SEO optimization. Whether you’re a writer looking to improve your craft or an entrepreneur seeking to drive traffic to your website, Blogely has everything you need to take your content to the next level. With features like keyword and topic research, editing tools, and a marketplace to sell your work, Blogely simplifies the process of creating high-quality content.

Developed by Gennady, an experienced entrepreneur, Blogely was created to make the process of getting your content in front of potential buyers as easy and cost-effective as possible. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of multiple software programs, and hello to effortless content creation with Blogely.



What are the features that Blogely currently provides? Blogely offers the following features:

  1. Writing application
  2. Research docs
  3. SEO optimization
  4. Content calendar
  5. Plagiarism reports
  6. WordPress sync
  7. Content portfolios

That’s quite a bit of functionality and plenty of ground to explore. Let’s take a closer look at what Blogely does.


Writing Application

Blogely is an all-in-one writing platform that streamlines the content creation process by providing a block-based method for organizing your essay. The software includes two modes for writing: full-screen mode and split-screen mode.

Full-screen mode offers a minimalist interface with only the basic formatting options necessary for writing. It is perfect for when you’re in a creative flow and don’t need to use the internet. It’s also great for editing and is compatible with tools like Grammarly.

Split-screen mode, on the other hand, allows you to write your article while keeping your research and notes on the same page. This mode is beneficial for working on subjects that require extensive research, as it allows you to access your research documents, notes, images, and files without leaving the page. Additionally, it also includes an AI paraphraser to help you with your writing.

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Research docs

Blogely is a software program that assists users in creating, organizing, and planning SEO optimization for their content. It includes a writing tool that uses a block-based method, dividing essays into sections and allowing for easy editing. The writing tool also has a full-screen and split-screen mode, with the latter allowing for easy access to research documents, notes, and images while writing.

Additionally, it has a feature that allows for easy tracking of research with summaries of the 100 first search results and click-to-capture, to avoid duplication. It also includes a research document feature and integration with Google Analytics to improve and measure SEO performance.


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SEO optimization

Do your research on keywords you would like to use in your next article.

  • You can find keywords that are related to the seed keyword.
  • You can find out what people type into Google when searching for information. “Autocomplete” suggestions.
  • Find out which questions are asked about a topic.
  • You may also be interested in other ideas that our engine might suggest.

The process is the same as the previous, but a team performs the keyword research. The team reviews the keywords and shares the results with you. The team then analyzes your content and makes recommendations to improve it. Then, it will create content to increase organic traffic to your website. It is easy, quick, and cost-effective. Search engine optimization can be difficult and expensive. They have made it affordable and straightforward to help you start with search engine optimization. The Keyword Research Service is an excellent starting point for your online marketing campaign. Start today to improve your website.

You can quickly market a niche in less well-known keywords but still relevant.

Autocomplete Keywords search terms related to the Keyword you are trying to target. It will capture the top 10 autocomplete search suggestions that appear in’s dropdown menu for every combination.

You don’t just need to find the right keywords and check how optimized your competitors are for them. It will give you an additional advantage. You can outrank your competitors by identifying the weakest points of your competition.

First, find out what your competitors are using as their primary keywords. Your competitors’ most popular keywords are those with high search volumes. It means that they are highly searched for and are often sought after by many people.

Simple on-page SEO: Optimize your content in five minutes or less Blogely makes it easy to optimize your content like an expert. No technical knowledge is required. Blogely is integrated with Yoast SEO and RankMath.

To focus on specific keywords, use Blogely’s guidance to fine-tune the work. An in-depth analysis will identify areas where you can improve your SEO performance. 

Priorities are essential in content marketing strategies. It will help you choose the most critical projects and allocate resources accordingly.

Your content marketing strategy is ready for action once you have completed all these tasks. Be efficient with your time. If you are still at the beginning stages of your content strategy, it is important to prioritize quality over quantity.

A simple report on SEO score. Comprehensive analysis of the SEO performance of your content. Your SEO results will all be displayed on one dashboard at Blogely. The app preserves the content details—conducts “what-if” tests using different keywords to get the best results.


Content Calendar:

Overview of your workload. Use the integrated calendar to manage your blog posts. You can add, move, or remove articles to meet changing needs.

Please drag & drop scheduling Published-unpublished lists with easy access. Every active article you create has its icon in the Content Calendar. Drag one to the desired date. The icon’s color changes on the calendar and in the list to avoid duplicate scheduling.

Blogely Lifetime deal


Plagiarism reports

I feel all content should be non-plagiarized, and I use CopyLeaks to do that with Artificial Intelligence. It’s fast and accurate. Copyleaks Plagiarism checker can compare text online and perform extensive searches across the internet and various databases to find similar content, present only relevant results, and help you stay protected against plagiarism.

 Different similarity types, including identical, similar, and paraphrased text, can be detected with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. If sold, it stays with your article and is conveyed to a buyer with all the other article assets. A record of your work will make it easier for the buyer to buy your article.


WordPress sync

The text you provided appears to discuss various aspects of managing a website, including SEO, publishing content on WordPress, and selling content on a marketplace. It mentions features such as multi-channel distribution, click-to-capture, and flexible scheduling for publishing. It also mentions the concept of a “ghost town” in reference to an empty marketplace for freelance writers, and suggests that the focus should be on creating high-quality content for websites rather than adding additional services. Overall, it seems to be discussing strategies for managing and promoting a website effectively.

Blogely liufetime deal


Blogley Roadmap

What do you think of the Blogely Roadmap? Are you finding it difficult to understand all the features? There is good and bad news. The bad news is that early adopters will have to be prepared for a more complex situation. 

Blogely, which was launched in 2020 at the start of its development, is still in its infancy. According to the official roadmap, there is still much to come.

The process has many new features, including improved functionality, better SEO metrics, and many integrations. These integrations include Zapier, Sendfox, and other popular platforms.


Blogely’s Pricing

It seems like it’s well-priced at $49 for entry-level access. Think about how it will affect you. You will have to pay a monthly fee on top of any features you have.

For instance, you can take the research docs. Frase sells a plan that gives you 30 research documents per month. 

You get 50 research papers from Blogely for about the same price as the rest. Frase does perform a bit better, but the quality is relatively comparable.

One of the things that make Blogely different is that it doesn’t cost much money to use, and it also takes the place of some of the more expensive and time-consuming aspects of using the platform. 

You get these features for more than one site included in the bundle. Blogely can help you reduce your reliance on other software and save you much money by bringing your entire process into one convenient platform.


Blogely Price on Appsumo For Lifetime

The best part is the deal of a lifetime. You can buy the Professional plan for $79, including all core functions. The only limitation is that you can only connect to one website.

Not enough to support your business? You can raise those limits even higher for another $79 code. If you purchase another $79 code, you will gain access to the $299/month growth plan, which is yours forever.

These lifetime deals are available from AppSumo and the Blogely websites. I recommend buying from AppSumo, as they offer a 60-day no-questions-asked refund policy that is as convenient as can be.

Blogely Appsumo Deal Plans and Features

  • Lifetime access 
  • 60-days money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited articles
  • Library and unlimited notes
  • Editorial calendar
  • Templates and versioning
  • Backups and tracking of historical data
  • SEO optimization and keyword research
  • SEO Recommended Topics
  • Management of workflow
  • Social sharing and feedback
  • Blog list sync
  • Owner account

What is Blogely?

Blogely is an all-in-one platform for content creation and SEO optimization. It offers features such as keyword and topic research, editing tools, and a marketplace to sell your work.

What features does Blogely provide?

Blogely offers a writing application, research docs, SEO optimization, content calendar, plagiarism reports, WordPress sync, and content portfolios.

What is the writing application like on Blogely?

Blogely’s writing application uses a block-based method for organizing your essay and includes two modes: full-screen mode and split-screen mode. Full-screen mode offers a minimalist interface and is great for editing, while split-screen mode allows for easy access to research documents and notes while writing.

What kind of research docs does Blogely offer?

Blogely offers research docs that assist users in creating, organizing, and planning SEO optimization for their content. It includes summaries of the first 100 search results, click-to-capture to avoid duplication, research document feature, and integration with Google Analytics to improve and measure SEO performance.

How does Blogely help with SEO optimization?

Blogely offers a keyword research service that helps users find related keywords, understand what people search for, and find questions related to a topic. It also analyzes your content and makes recommendations to improve it, and creates content to increase organic traffic to your website.

How does Blogely help to market a niche in less well-known keywords?

Blogely’s Autocomplete Keywords feature helps users find search terms related to their targeted keyword and captures the top 10 autocomplete search suggestions that appear in’s dropdown menu for every combination. It also allows users to outrank competitors by identifying the weakest points of their competition and targeting less popular but still relevant keywords.

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