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Aryel Lifetime Deal
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Augmented Reality (AR) could be defined as the addition of digital media to the existing world. It is possible to do this using devices like phones or glasses. Experiences with AR can be enjoyable and interactive or could be used to advertise products or services. 

Aryel is a non-coding WebAR platform that assists marketers and creatives in creating publications, publishing, and analyzing interesting AR experiences. This is a great option for companies wishing to develop AR content and marketing teams who want to keep track of how their customers use AR tools.

Aryel Deal Features Overview: 

  • Create interactive WebAR experiences using a simple drag-and-drop tool and then share your results via a customized URL
  • Aryel is an Alternative to ZapWorks Studio, Blippar Studio, and XR+
  • Monitor analytics and measure the impact of white-label advertising on specific insights for the audience.
  • Ideal for: Agencies as well as creators and marketers who want to improve customer experience
  • Aryel offers the potential of AR with ease to increase sales and improve users’ experience with engaging content.
  • Bring your content production to the next step by selecting between various scene management systems and real-world applications triggered by user interactions.
  • The best part is that you don’t require any programming expertise to include features such as surface recognition products, visualization of the product, interactive print, or facial fillers.
  • Create your webinars using an easy drag-and-drop editor. No programming knowledge is needed!
  • Content is the primary element in creating a memorable experience in AR.
  • This is why Aryel allows you to access third-party libraries and let you choose from ready-to-use materials such as videos, photos, 3D models, photographs, and music, all created by talented creators across the globe.
  • You can also request the content creator network of the platform to create custom multimedia assets on your behalf, and they’ll be more than happy to assist!
  • Explore the supported AR triggers for facial recognition, geolocation surface detection, and more!
  • Aryel is designed to help you build an appealing brand. This is why each aspect of your work will be branded.
  • White-label capabilities allow you to alter all aspects of the interface, such as logos, colors, color palettes, and fonts you like.
  • Then, add a custom domain that will give users the best experience throughout their customer journey.
  • Aryel offers everything you require to explore endless possibilities with complete white-label customization.
  • Beyond creating original content for your visitors by designing AR experiences according to the conversion rate.
  • You’ll be able to create campaigns according to customers’ preferences with Aryel’s insights and analytics, which are easily accessible on your dashboard.
  • By incorporating AR features, you’ll be able to boost the effectiveness of your campaigns and allow your company to stand out among competitors.
  • Improve your performance with advanced analytics that track the conversion rate against your goals.
  • Letting your entire marketing plan on the shoulders of the social media manager isn’t the most effective method to build your business. 
  • With Aryel You can design amazing AR campaigns that boost your business image without the need for programming.
  • Utilize the potential of virtual and augmented reality to enhance your marketing.

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