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All Social media platform has become more prevalent in recent years of covid19, where people stream live videos on their mobile devices. Covid19 has changed how we consume one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Videos are now seen more frequently throughout the day on Covid19, which has led to rapid growth for content creators and business owners. 

A video landing page is an advertising platform that uses video to bring in potential customers. It’s a place where people can easily browse and view videos within seconds, and it’s also the perfect place to sell the product or service on offer. If you create your video landing page correctly, you’ll be able to find more success in the digital advertising space. 

Vadootv is a website that allows you to upload, distribute, and market your videos. They provide fast playback and delivery of videos in multiple formats. You can watch videos from a computer or mobile device in a browser or the Vadootv app. It also offers a player for embedding in blogs or websites. You may learn more about Vadootv by reading the review below.

Who are the owners of Vadootv

They announce their team has successfully developed an SDK-based solution to reduce bandwidth costs for developers. The journey has been full of exciting milestones and challenges.

Founder & CEO: Juan Manuel C

Co Founder/CEO: Ankur Singh

Co Founder/CTO: Anil Matcha


Vadootv Features

Vadootv is an easy-to-use hosting service that lets you upload and distribute your videos. The site offers all the features you need to edit your video before uploading it for sharing, including title, tags, description, privacy settings, and trimming music. It also provides a customizable player on your website or social media site for maximum exposure if desired.

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Professional video hosting 

Nobody likes to see a blurry or low-quality video. As you grow your online business, it becomes necessary to share your videos with potential customers on social media platforms. 

Do you want to host, manage, and share your videos in full HD video without ads? Vadootv player reviews a multimedia hosting service that can do just that. Video hosts such as YouTube and Vimeo offer free services, but they come with advertisements and limited video quality, length, and control features.

Host, manage, and video hosting service at Vadootv comes with unlimited storage, which means you can upload your video files and add them to your channel without using up your camera roll.

Vadootv is a cloud-based video platform that allows you to store as much as 10TB of data. Vadootv offers monthly plans with unlimited storage and bandwidth. It means that you can store pretty much anything from courses, marketing videos, or social ads without having to worry about storage space at all.

How to host a video?

  • Upload: Upload your video with one click in any format like mp4, MOV, or more.
  • Optimize: It delivers the best quality possible to various devices, screens, and connections. It optimizes videos to different formats and sizes to accommodate mobile, desktop, or TV. 
  • Share: Lately, many people have been sharing videos with friends and family via social media. It’s a fast and easy way to get your video on social media, websites, blogs, or email.
Appsumo Vadootv Lifetime Deal

High-Speed Video Hosting 

The global amount of internet users is increasing at an alarming rate. As more and more people worldwide start to use the internet and purchase smartphones and tablets, there will be a surge in demand for bandwidth. It will cause many people to experience slow load times and long buffering periods as they watch videos online. The solution? Load your videos on one of Vadootv’s high-speed servers and save yourself from the dreaded video loading time!

Appsumo Vadootv Lifetime Deal

Customizable video player 

What color do you want your video player to be? How about adding your company logo or even uploading a personal photo to represent your brand? With Vadootv, it’s all possible in just a few easy steps. Our custom video player lets you choose these features and more in an interactive interface. You can select from an ever-growing variety of video formats. You can also decide whether to display subtitles or alter the volume. This customization extends to the control panel as well.

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Custom Video Landing Page

Create a video landing page designed to engage and convert viewers into customers. Update your website with a video landing page today. Video marketing is a powerful way to engage and convert viewers into leads. It’s been projected that video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2020, so it’s important to invest in this technology now. Online shoppers are 64% more likely to purchase from a retailer after viewing a video on their site.

How to create a video landing page?

On Vadootv, you can create a free landing page in just three steps: 1) Upload a video 2) Choose a template 3) Customize your site with text and images that will give your videos instant appeal.

  1. Select: Record, upload, or select any video on the landing page with one click.
  2. Customize: Customize your website to match your brand, and call-to-action(CTAs), and meet your goals! Make your site unique by selecting colors and styles that complement the site’s overall theme. On top of that, you can customize what pages are included on the landing page, choose to show or hide navigation elements, schedule a meeting, sign up on a page, and more. 
  3. Share: Share your video with email, ads, or as a massage that is used on the landing page

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Video chat bubbles

There are many ways to stay connected with loved ones in today’s fast-paced world. One way is through the use of video chat. Video chat implies a person is talking to someone else through their computer or mobile device by using a webcam and microphone so they can see and hear each other.

The most popular form of video chat is over “chat bubbles. Chat bubbles are used to describe the visual aspect of connecting through video chat. It is a feature that allows chatting with up to ten people or people within a specific geographical area.

Have texting someone and then thought of sending your face in a video in the text? Of course, this is not an issue if you live on Skype or Hangouts, but what about those times when you want to do it as a video call? It is where Vadootv comes in. Vadootv lets you record a video of your face and embed it into a video bubble on your website.

It allows businesses to connect with clients, promote products, answer questions, capture testimonials, collect feedback, and more.

Collect Video testimonials

Video testimonials are an easy way to collect feedback from customers. In your marketing campaign, you can use it to show success stories, offer before and after examples, and provide potential clients with the confidence to make a purchase. 

When collecting video testimonials, you should always mention that you need permission before publishing the video on social media! Authorization to request this will ensure your security under YouTube’s conditions of service. When asking for permission, always use a clear statement that you are not selling or offering customer details.

Make it easy to ask.

Just share your feedback request or share a link by adding it to your email or message. At one time, customers could quickly record video evaluations without registration.

All testimonials in one place

  • Vadootv allows you to collect video testimonials in the same place in a Library.
  • Clients can upload a new video answer.
  • You can use it anywhere as marketing material and easy-to-share links, embed code or download them.

Reply With Video

If you’re looking for more of a personal touch with your customers, try adding the reply with a video button to your sales page. With this, customers can easily click on the button and respond to an offer or engaging video testimonial within a few seconds.

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 Screen Recorder

Nowadays, people want to make videos and tutorials on their computers without recording on a webcam. You can do this with the help of a screen recorder. So here, you can use a screen recorder, webcam, or both.

Quick Recording

It means that you can do it quickly and easily without outside interference. You can also record unlimited recordings, giving you more freedom for any device or camera.


Draw any place you want on your screen. Then add text and draw Arrows. You can also highlight clicks, focus the mouse on them, or hide them from the recording.

Vadootv Edit, download, or upload

It allows you to trim, edit or remove footage from videos and export it in mp4, GIF, and web format or save it to Vadootv.

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Video Security

Protect your videos from unauthorized access before uploading them to the Internet. Domain Security allows you to specify which websites are permitted/approved to embed video. The video will not play on unlisted websites, and an error message will be displayed. 

Protecting your videos with a password is an effective way to share your videos privately. Users must manually enter their password to view the video. HLS encryption adds an extra layer of security to your video by encrypting your video and preventing unauthorized video downloads.

Podcast hosting 

Upload your podcast, post it to your landing page, or podcast feed, or distribute using an RSS feed.

To promote the podcast on your website or blog, embedding them is an excellent option as it will give you control over the content shown and the ability to promote the podcast in various ways.

Reach millions of listeners by publishing to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Alexa, Overcast, PocketCasts, Castro, Castbox, and Podchaser. Manage different bitrates and formats to optimize podcast episodes across platforms and devices.

Video email

Add videos, Youtube videos, and Vimeo videos to your emails for remote presentations and sales. Close more deals with more engagement by responding quickly to email suggestions. Engage users with videos from Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, or other email platforms. Track video emails, get views, view rates, and more. Use this data to plan, track, and design funnels.

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Vadootv Tools


Download videos online for free with one click. Download videos and embed, shared, and sell them online. It supports all major video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. Flexible storage options for ad-free video viewing for end users. 

Protect your videos with password protection, domain security, and encryption so you can share your videos privately. Customize your video player according to your brand: choose colors, logos, and thumbnails. The video player looks best on any device.



Convert SRT subtitle files to VTT format. No need to account for everything online. Convert SRT files to VTT files online without downloading any software. Directly from your browser! Subtitle files convert different subtitle files, making them compatible with any video player or social media platform. Subtitles make videos understandable and accessible to people with other languages ​​and disabilities.


Audio Joiner

Combine audio files with one click. Online, no account is required. Merge or merge multiple audio files, music, effects, recordings, and more. Play them one by one using our online tool. Link and link two or more audio tracks to play in turn. You can download/select and combine various audio files including .mp3, .ogg, and .wav.


Video Combiner

Merge your videos and clips. Easy way to combine multiple videos and download them into one video file! This helpful video tool allows you to combine several video clips into one file. The files are merged one after another in the order you choose. It supports all the major formats, including MOV, mp4, and AVI. The output format is MP4 video.

Video Combiner keeps the standard video bitrate by default, so you can combine videos without losing quality. If merging videos is difficult, you’ve come to the right place. This handy video utility allows you to combine different video clips into one video file. Vadootv offers complete video hosting and marketing packages for creators and brands.

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Video Compressor

Free online video compressor. It is compatible with major video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. Vadootv Video Compressor compresses video and audio files to the smallest possible size without significant loss of quality. Compress the video as small enough to be sent via email. 

Just upload the file, and the software will automatically optimize the video size using the compression engine. Send and share videos by email directly using Vadootv integration. Just enter the code to download as an attachment or embed your email in your compose message. It is the best online video compression service and hosting platform that is very easy to use and compatible with all formats. YouTube videos, MKV, MP4, WEBM, Facebook videos, Vimeo videos, and more!

Add Subtitles to Video

Add subtitles manually or upload subtitle files. You can increase your video views by adding subtitles to your video, including the deaf and hard of hearing. Studies show that videos with captions on social media attract significantly more people than videos without subtitles because videos on Facebook and other social media are turned off by default. 

Subtitles are a great way to capture the character of your video and grab your users’ attention. Use transcription to share key messages with users. You can make your video searchable with transcription or subtitles. It will help to get more viewers to discover and watch your videos.

YouTube name generator

It can train over 10 million YouTube channel names. Create a channel name with the YouTube AI name generator. The name of your YouTube channel is based on the topic of the video. Depending on your tone, it can be short and direct or fun. 

Is your YouTube channel focused on your business or small? To strengthen your brand, you should include it in the title. The YouTube search engine is very important to your channel’s visibility. Research and research keywords for a niche, topic, or category.

Vadootv Roadmap: 

You can see their roadmap on their website. Here you will get all the features they have developed, waiting for approval, and upcoming features. 

Benefits of Appsumo Vadootv Deal 

  • Unlimited Videos & Audio
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Customizable Video Player
  • Video Landing pages
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Unlimited Domain Security
  • HLS Encryption
  • Video Bubble, Request Video page & Video Channels
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Vadootv Review Last Word

Using YouTube is not the way forward for a professional website owner because of ads and other “noise” that removes focus from your product or service. So Vadootv is an excellent solution for your brand and business.

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