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Don’t waste your time switching between multiple applications for managing your business. Through this Agiled review, you’ll be aware of the advantages of this platform for managing projects.  Get started making use of Agiled for managing your company from one location. CRM Invoicing, Contracts, Finances, and employee management are all in one location.


What is Agiled?

Agiled is a complete business management system designed to help you manage your employee’s assignments, and projects, manage your time, make professional contacts, monitor expenses, and issue professional invoices to get paid more quickly.

It helps you manage your projects effortlessly. You will be able to design projects using templates. You can invite your clients and team to share documents, finish your projects on time, and control your Contacts and Accounts with CRM.

To keep track of the activities of your contacts and accounts, you can take notes, plan meetings, make tasks, and save documents. You can create professional invoices, send estimates, carry and keep track of online payments, add credit notes, and monitor your expenses. Send out recurring invoices, and manage client subscriptions.

With Agiled can Control your employees and their attendance, leave holidays, vacations, and other events all in one place. Employees can access the Employee portal to track their time, change tasks, and provide assistance to customers. Time tracking is now simple.

Your team and you can easily monitor time spent on projects and charge your clients in the future.


You can Design professional contracts, email them to your clients and then collect electronic signatures on the agreements. Agiled makes professional proposals with drag-and-drop editors and forwards them to clients to make more contracts. 

By giving assignments to the team members, you can keep track of the progress of each. Utilize Tasks Kanban Boards and Task Calendars to monitor tasks and ensure that you stay on schedule. Start selling your products on the internet. Develop different payment plans for your services and begin billing clients using subscriptions or invoices.

Get real-time insights into your company’s performance using Agiled Reporting. Develop valuable reports to help increase your revenue. You can create forms using the simple drag-and-drop tool or custom forms using customized CSS and then share or incorporate them into your websites. Get more accomplished through workflow automation, and let Agiled take care of the work for you.

Get Lifetime Access to Agiled 



Agiled offers a complete CRM system that keeps track of all your leads, customers, and tickets. Its interface lets you control leads and clients in one location and seamlessly integrate your clients into a White Label-ready Client Portal.

You will be able to work with your client on their projects by Joining your client portal online. It is possible to track leads as they go through your sales funnel and schedule reminders for the following-up process to generate more sales. 

Agiled gives your customers access to their account where they can view all invoices, projects, and contracts, as well as tasks and messages they’ve shared with both you and the staff.

And They also can make a support ticket. It maintains track of your clients as well as their contact information. You can quickly view the invoices you’ve sent them, the projects they have with you, and the contracts you’ve concluded with them.

Your customers can create support tickets using their online Portal. You and your team members can respond to their support tickets and offer them immediate assistance.

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Client Portal

Your website will impress your customers with a professional white Label Client Portal, collaborate on files, create projects with others, and negotiate contracts with your customers in one place. White Label Ready Client Portal Create a custom domain name and your company’s logo on your client portal. 

Your clients will be able to view all invoices sent directly to them. They can also pay you via your client’s portal. All estimates you submit to the client will be accessible through their online portal.

They can approve, deny the forecast, and then download it. You can make any contracts you like for your clients, and they can view all contracts’ history and the contracts in their online portal.  They can sign the contracts as well as download contracts. Your clients have access to all your projects together. They can also share documents and track the progress of projects. They can also be allowed to monitor tasks if they wish to.

If your customers require any assistance, they can make support tickets on their portal to receive immediate assistance. They can view all tickets they’ve created and their status. You can schedule meetings with your clients, and they can view details about the planned events, appointments, and meetings on their portal. Do not waste time with cluttered emails.

If your client wants to chat with you, they can contact you via their website, and you can then reply to keep conversations in one location.



Agiled is equipped with the tools required to manage your finances effectively. From sending invoices to accepting the payment of your choice, it takes care of everything for you. It can manage your finances from one location. Professional invoices, send estimates, accept payment, and easily track expenses. 

Make estimates and send them to your clients and close more sales. It is easy to convert estimates into invoices with just one click. You can easily track your expenses and track the exact location of your funds. Include receipts along with your expenses and create expense reports.

Monitor and accept online payments using Agiled. It is integrated with Stripe, Paypal, and Razorpay to allow online payment. It also keeps track of payments made using other payment methods. You can easily create credit notes using the agile format.

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Manage Employees/Team

Agiled helps you manage your team quickly and efficiently using its HR tools. Manage your employees and team all from one location. Monitor their attendance, leaves, and holidays on your dashboard, and keep track of your team’s attendance over the period. 

The team can also log in via your Employee Portal. Keep your team informed on upcoming holidays and holidays by adding them to your calendar. Give your team members leave and quickly approve the leaves whenever a team member asks for them. 

Employees and teammates can log into the portal to record their time, check their tasks, offer support on tickets, register their attendance, and ask for leave.

Appsumo agiled lifetime deal agiled review and lifetime deal



Provide professional contract documents to customers who can then sign electronically. Create professional contracts online in a matter of minutes and then send them to customers to close deals more quickly. 

Agiled lets you appear professional and help you close deals quicker through online contracts. You can assign types to agreements to ensure that your arrangements are organized and quickly sort through contracts later. 

Get e-signatures signed by your customers when you issue contracts to them. This way, you can close transactions faster than using the manual approach. Incorporate a detailed contract from the section on contract details. 

It has no word count limitation for the information. You can also design your contract’s details however you would like. Renew your contracts in one mouse click within Agiled. There is no need to start in a new way. Download the contracts you’ve written with a single click into the format of a pdf. Email your contract to your client so that they can quickly sign it.



Agiled’s Proposal Builder includes pre-designed proposal templates. It is possible to import these templates with just a single click. Create professional proposals using our simple drag-and-drop proposal builder. 

It comes with a Proposal Builder, which has more than 400 blocks that are ready to use to make proposals quickly. Your customers can now make proposals digitally signed with its electronic signature feature. It is possible to add any live chat software to the proposal to communicate with your customer.



Managing projects can be challenging, particularly when you have an extensive team and there is no software to monitor the progress of your projects. Agiled offers all the features you require to keep your projects running on time to satisfy your clients. Track and manage everything from the first day until the date of completion. 

There is no need to switch between spreadsheets, email, or other tools to track your projects. Project templates will assist you in saving time when beginning projects that are identical to previous projects. 

You can save team members, tasks as well as other crucial information. View your project’s schedule with Gantt Charts, which are made automatically. You can also modify them to make changes. You can share your Gantt Chart with your clients and teams or with anyone else using the public hyperlink. 

Keep your projects organized by using project categories. It is easy to filter the project category while working on multiple projects. Make assignments and distribute them among your team members to split the work and finish the projects within the deadlines. 

Get Lifetime Access to Agiled on Appsumo


You are also able to share updates on tasks with your clients. Set up milestones for your project to monitor the progress of the project and develop deliverables for your clients. Make sure that your team members share files involved in the project. 

Upload documents and share hyperlinks that you think are essential to the project. View all invoices for the project at one time. Create invoices on the dashboard of the project. Check the timesheets of your team for projects. 

It can help you determine where your team spends its time and what tasks are taking up a lot of time. Find out what your team’s performance is against the time of a project. Verify if everything is in the right direction and according to your estimates or not.

project manage



Agiled offers comprehensive task management software that quickly creates, assigns, tracks, and even shares tasks. Manage all tasks more flexibly and accomplish your tasks more quicker.  Perform tasks with efficiency using its Task Management. Give tasks to your team members, monitor their progress, and then share the results and progress with clients. 

Separate the tasks you have assigned into groups to keep things in order and manage the tasks efficiently. Check your work on your Kanban board to track the progress of your work.

The Task Board is shareable with colleagues and clients. Finish your work on time using Agiled’s Task Calendar, which helps you quickly see when work is scheduled. Stay informed of any forthcoming tasks. Repeated tasks are things you must perform weekly, daily, or even monthly. They automatically appear on your calendar.

You can add tasks that are dependent on other tasks. It will allow you to organize your work in a systematic method. You can complete essential tasks quicker by setting priorities for tasks. You can modify the priority of your task at any point.

Include pertinent and essential documents to the task so that your team and customers can view them. Create due dates to finish tasks on time and satisfy your client’s information. Drag and drop your work on Task Board or Task Calendar to shift the task to a different column or date.

Get Lifetime Access to Appsumo Agiled 



Agiled offers valuable reports that will save you time and assist you in improving your efficiency in the workplace. Develop insightful reports on your business in just an only few clicks to learn more about your business better and expand it. 

You will receive a full report and insight into your work from your employees and teammates. Check how your company is performing. Check out the time log report and graphs for your business or a single project. Export the report for external use. 

Get the complete financial report of your business in just one click. Learn about your revenue and expenses in one report.

Agiled report

Time Tracking

A simple time-tracking tool allows you and your team to keep track of hours worked on your tasks. Monitor your productivity, time, and hourly billing using an easy-to-use tracking tool and timesheet.

View each team participant’s time logs created by your team members within a specified period. 

You can see active timers made that your teammates have started. It is also possible to stop timers that your team members actively initiate. Export the time logs for your company into spreadsheets or Excel for other purposes.



Create Online Forms for Your clients. Create client forms, select actions, and embed them on your site. Make any form with an easy-to-make form creator. You can incorporate different fields such as email or date, checkbox, or text box according to your requirements and alter them as you see best. You can also modify the design theme to match your company’s branding.

You can select actions such as creating contact, creating a ticket, etc., from your forms and place them on your site. It is possible to share your forms with the world through your white-labeled link and post them via social media, the web, and more. You can incorporate your forms into your landing pages, websites, or landing pages.

Create surveys, questionnaires, work requests, and intake forms with a drag-and-drop builder. Then, you can begin the process of boarding your clients.


Subscription Billing

Sell products within minutes thanks to Agiled Subscription Billing and subscription management. Create your products, modify plans and then start selling.

Do you sell multiple packs of an item? Design product plans that include different pricing, rules, and payment fees.

Agiled doesn’t limit the number of subscribers that you can have. You can manage all subscriptions from one location. Its subscriptions are compatible in conjunction with Paypal and Stripe, so you can accept online payments to pay for subscriptions.


Client Onboarding

Make your client onboarding easier and establish your relationship with your clients professionally. You can add a variety of steps that you want clients to complete in onboarding.

Take all the information you need to complete the clients’ projects. Include as many steps as you’d like your customers to read when onboarding. It could be an agreement or terms of cooperating with your company. 

Clients can sign it when they are in the onboarding process. Do you want to gather more data? Incorporate forms that you designed in Agiled using a few steps. Your customers can fill out the form when they are onboarding. Our powerful editor allows you to include custom content in the onboarding process.

It will help you show important information like images, video, textual, or even photo information to your customers. With our onboarding flow and the file manager, you can request customers to submit their files that are crucial to your teamwork.

You can even pick the folders in which the files will be placed. You can share the most important documents with the clients to help with the project.

It will help you share crucial details and make sure that you are organized from the beginning.

Get Lifetime Access to Agiled 


Workflow Automation

Automate repetitive tasks, such as sending invoices or forms, emails, and contracts to help your customers without delays. Develop general automation that can work with all your clients.


You can customize the workflow to

  • Send out emails to customers according to triggers
  • Form submissions for contracts.
  • Fill out a form once an invoice is paid
  • You can choose other triggers and actions to fit your workflow.

Do more work by working more intelligently. Make an automated system one time and then let Agiled perform all the work while you relax and relax.

Automatically send emails to certain contacts whenever a trigger is activated. Invoices are generated when the form is completed or signed by another trigger.

Send a survey, questionnaire, or other forms to an individual whenever a trigger occurs. Start with automation and set your business up for cruise control. Work less, get more done.


Appointment Scheduling

Schedule more meetings using a simple toolkit for scheduling appointments. Choose your schedule, publish your booking URL, and then start booking.  Inform Agiled know about your availability and preferences, and it will take care of the job for you. Share the link with your guests or contacts, or include the booking link on the website of your choice or emails. 

Your guests will be able to choose the dates and times for the event, and it will be put on your calendar. If you’re hosting multiple appointments or meetings, You can create various meeting types with ease using Agiled. You can create custom preferences for each type of meeting. Make sure you set breaks before and after the meeting to have time to rest in between meetings. 

You can choose various time slots for each day based on your schedule at the time. Agiled will take care of the heavy lifting and generate slot times for you. White mark your booking pages using your domain name and then set up your SMTP to send emails from your domain.

It can integrate seamlessly into Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. All meetings and events are automatically added to your calendars in real-time.

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Benefits Of Appsumo Agiled Deal

  • Lifetime access to Agiled Business Plan
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Features Included in All Plans
  • Unlimited leads
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Finance
  • Employees
  • Tasks & projects
  • Time tracker
  • Proposal
  • Contracts
  • CRM
  • File management
  • Quickbooks & Xero integrations
  • Automation
  • Sales pipeline
  • Subscriptions for clients
  • Email integration

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